Mama was a wonderful mother- IDRIS OGUNBADEJO


DSC_0430You are mama’s last born, how do you feel losing her?

We thank God for a life well spent. We are also grateful to God for giving her such a loving life. For her to have lived up to the age of 83, we can’t say we’re mourning. Rather, we’re celebrating life. So, we’re thankful to God for her life.

How would you describe her as a mother?

She was a very wonderful mother. She was a very unassuming mother to me. In fact, she meant everything to me and all her children.

What would you miss most about her?

I will miss her calm and reassuring nature, because my mom was a kind of person that will be well in times of trouble. She would encourage you to look forward to the people and then take solace in the fact that God is the creator of all things and He will provide for you in abundance that thing you think you’re lacking. So, she was such a wonderful mom that encouraged all her children to move forward in life.

What will you continue to remember her for?

I will continue to remember her for good nurture. My mom was the last person to pick a fight with anybody no matter what the person might have done. I can say, in all my life with her, my mom was not the kind of person that will force her opinion on you. She would allow you to take your own decision and she would only give an advice and encourage you. So far she knows that’s the best for you.

Were you also with her when she died?

No, I wasn’t. I only got a call that she had passed on. In fact, my wife and I were preparing for our daughter’s birthday. She died on my daughter’s birthday. In fact, I missed the burial. I wasn’t there when her remains were interned. They were about leaving before I got to Ijebu that day. But to God be the glory for everything.

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