‘Mama was always a happy woman’ – YUSUF OGUNBADEJO

DSC_0461How would you describe the death of your mom?

I would say God giveth and taketh. She was a good mom to every one of us. We wouldn’t have wanted her to go, but who’re we to query God.

How would you describe her as a mother?

She was a very gentle and nice woman. When I say gentle, I mean she was gentle more than a dove. I have never seen her get angry with anybody or talk anything negative. Whatever condition she was, she was always a happy woman. You hardly notice when she was in pain. She was a good mother to every one of us.

Mama lived by examples. Even though, we can’t be like her, we can’t exercise patience like her, she taught us how to be tolerant and how to endure.

What would you miss most about her?

I would miss everything about her. She was not only a mother but a friend and a mentor. She was everything to me. I fondly address her as Haja mi and she would also reply Oko mi. She was so free and friendly with all of us.

What would you remember her for the most?

I would remember her mostly for her motherly role and her kindness.

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