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Man locks plane toilet door as he sexually assaults woman

A male passenger on board an Osaka (Japan)-bound flight sexually attacked a female passenger in the plane’s toilet, causing the captain to return to Honolulu (USA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has said.

FBI agents arrested Michael Tanouye (29) on Saturday (October 11) night at the Honolulu International Airport for ‘interfering with a flight crew and aggravated sexual assault aboard an aircraft’.

Tanouye had forced his way into a lavatory some one hour and 45 minutes into the Japan Airlines flight to Japan to sexually assault a woman. During his struggle with her, she was able to push the emergency button, but crew members were unable to open the door as he had blocked it.

Flight attendants and passengers told the FBI that a male passenger was injured while struggling to subdue the attacker. He has been charged and a brief hearing was held yesterday (October 14).

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