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Manager speaks on Skales fraud mess, ‘It’s being resolved’

The fraud allegations via a petition by Baseline Records before the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 2, in Onikan (Lagos) against the adored singer fondly called Skales (Raoul John Njeng Njeng) and his manager, Osagie Osarenkhoe is being resolved.

Another manager, Justin told this morning (Thursday, June 2) that a resolution is being worked out following the allegations of misappropriating over N13 million leveled against Skales and Osagie over a one year period.

Justin told at 9:49 am today, ‘I can’t talk much about it now. I will let you know when he (Skales) wants to talk about it.But everything is under control now’.

Justin didn’t answer our enquiry about whether the singer and his manager, who spent the night of Tuesday, May 31 in detention, have been released or reporting at Zone 2.

On Tuesday, fans of the musician whose album, ‘Man of the year’ ,brought fame and fortune were alarmed when news of his arrest and detention alongside his manager broke. Both were accused by his label, Baseline Records, which invested heavily in his career, of short-changing and misappropriating fees. They were setup with a California deal, and they fell by neither disclosing the engagement nor remitting the payment.

The company catalogued income which should have been remitted in the last one year, and forwarded a petition to the police. The petition led to their invitation and detention.

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