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Manchester terrorist attack: 13 details about horrific tragedy

Monday, May 22, 2017, terrorist attack in Manchester, northern England, by a lone suicide bomber, killed 22 and injured 122 people.

The horror shook the United Kingdom and the world, and solidarity messages flood in for the families of the victims and injured as well as leaders in Britain.
Here are some details about the horrific tragedy at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester Arena:
1. The attack was shortly after American actress and singer Ariana Grande (23) concluded her concert (at 10:30 pm) populated by children and their young parents. The singer was unharmed.
2.The police received over 240 reports from 10:33 pm about explosions in the Arena.
And emergency services rushed to the sick to attend to the dead, dying and seriously injured.
Manchester residents opened their homes to distraught stranded concert goers as taxi cabs ferried them for free.
Food is still being handed over as many receive medical attention around the city.
3. Manchester Arena is the biggest indoor arena in Europe. The popular concert and sporting venue was opened in 1995.
4.  ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack carried out by a lone suicide bomber who detonated explosives near the foyer area of Manchester Arena.
5. The suicide bomber, known to security agencies, also died at the scene as security operatives and medical officers ran to attend to the carnage described as ‘a war zone.’
6. There was pandemonium around the area as thousands fled in panic as bolts and nuts from the explosives wrought havoc.
8. There were about 21,000 people in the arena for the sold out concert.
9. Manchester Arena is just by Victoria railway station
10. Forensic and bomb squad officers are at the Arena, combing the grounds for clues.
11. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has already addressed the nation, pledging support for families of victims and the injured, and preaching faith in the defeat of terror.
She decided the dreadful attack as the worst in North of England.
She is expected in Manchester later.
Campaign for the June elections has been aborted, with flags flying at half mast.
12. President of the United States, Donald Trump joined the world to condemn the attack with 59 people receiving treatment in 8 hospitals.
13. Many believe the explosives were homemade shrapnel devices of shards of metal  (screws, nuts and bolts).

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