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Marijuana dispensing kiosk opens at Jamaica airport and seaport

In a bid to increase revenue and control the drug market, the Jamaican Government has come up with a unique plan to install Marijuana kiosks at airports  and seaports . The Kiosks will be managed by medical doctors and will give travelers licence to possess the weed during their stay in the country as well as two ounce of weed.
According to the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) of Jamaica, the plan is primarily targeted at individuals with prescription and will be needing marijuana for medicinal purpose. These individuals will then obtain permit from the ministry of health. Other interested individuals can do a ‘self declare’ and then obtain access to the two ounce of marijuana.
According to CLA Chairman Hyacinth Lightbourne, “Whoever  is coming out of immigration can go to that desk and register and get that clearance.”
This move comes after the decriminalisation of marijuana (cannabis) possession in February 2015 by the Jamaican House of Representatives, which allows residents to cultivate up to five plants for personal use. Regulations  were provided for distribution and cultivation for medical use, natural growth and religious purposes. Individuals caught with two ounce or more of marijuana will pay a fine of about five dollars  without criminal charges.
Countries like United State of America (USA) and Canada have legalised marijuana use for mainly medicinal purpose, with the exception of the state of Colorado, in the United State, which also permits the use of Marijuana for recreational purpose.  This will be the first legal introduction of weed into the tourism industry by a country.

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