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Marijuana makes you age faster

A new study revealed that users of cannabis age faster than those who shun the drug. Researchers at the University of West Australia, Australia, say a 30 year old marijuana smoker has the biological age of a 33 year old.

It was discovered that the drug has an adverse effect on the cardiovascular system which in turn increases cholesterol in the arteries.

According to the lead researcher, Professor Stauar Reece, “We found that for those who used cannabis over a long time, not only does it age you, it increases ageing at an exponential rate over time which is alarming.

“It is important to the health of populations worldwide that such research be continued, with the study highlighting the large-scale costs to the health system from cannabis use.”

Researchers at the St Luke’s Hospital Network, USA, warn that exposure to cannabis causes cardiomyopathy (weakening of the heart muscles). Marijuana users are also twice likely to have heart attack and stroke.

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