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Market Women And House Wives On The Hike In Prices Of Food Commodities

With economic recession and the current talks about Nigeria being broke, a lot of people think it might have affected the prices of food commodities and food stuff. ENCOMIUM Weekly did a check on market women at different market places to know if truly food stuff are expensive and what could be responsible.

In the same vein, we also talked to housewives who frequent markets for shopping to know if the prices of food stuff are on the high side or have been stable.



‘I hope things would be slightly better’ -MRS. ADEWUNMI LONGE – Yes, the prices of foodstuff are on the high side, I’m hoping things would be slightly better just before the festive season kicks off so I can shop before the Christmas and New Year rush.


‘It’s been stable’  -MRS. FUNKE ADEOTI – The prices of food commodities have been stable for me, I buy in bulk for my family and the few things I buy from time to time like pepper, chicken, fish, turkey, onions and vegetables have been quite stable in the last two months.


‘It’s is discouraging’ – MRS. KOMOLAFE WUNMI – Yes, there is a slight increase in some items. I noticed the increment a couple of weeks back. It is discouraging. We cannot explain reason for the increase.


‘it’s very expensive’ – MRS. AKINTUNDE KEMI –Tomatoes are really expensive now. The quantity I used to buy for N100 is now N200. The tomatoes available are not really good looking. They are not that red. I also noticed a slight increment in fish. Like N30 more than the usual price.


‘The difference is not really much’  -MRS. AWALA PATIENCE – Yes, but not on all items. Though some items are in season now. The difference is not really much. Plantain is in season. Rodo is also in season. Orange is in season. Yam is in season. You can get a tuber of yam at N250, N300. Medium size can be sold at three for N550. They were selling one for N400. 10kg of Semolina is N2,100 and some sell it for N2,200. It was formerly sold for N2,000.


‘It’s a bit expensive’ -MRS. ADENRELE MOJOYIN –Not really. Some items are still sold for the same price. Some actually went up with a great margin while some just have slight difference.

I used to buy half a cartoon of spaghetti for N1,000, some even sell for N1,200. Onions is also expensive, the quantity I used to buy for N200 is now N400.


‘Price of foodstuff has gone up!’ – MRS. LINDA OKPARA –Yes, I have seen the changes. Telling my husband about it is difficult, he will find it funny because I bought some items two weeks ago at a lesser price.

Yam flour has gone up outrageously. The quantity I used to buy for N2,500 is now N3,500. Some sell it for N3,300. Beans is still the same. A paint bucket goes for N1,000 depending on the brand.


‘The price is okay at the moment’ –LINDA ADEBISI –Not really. Let me say the things I went to buy a couple of days back are still sold at the same prices. May be some other items might have gone up.

I bought a medium refill Milo for N640. That was the same price I bought it last. Maggie cube is still the same price. Tomato paste has gone up a bit. It is now sold for N40 instead of N30. Milk is still the same price.


‘There’s an increase in price’ -MRS USMAN –I am sure of some items I bought lately. There is an increase in their prices. Yes, prices of some commodities have increase. Not all.


‘Price of items has increased’ -MRS OLAJIDE –Prices of few items have increased some by N10 while some N50. We may think it’s small but for those who buy in large quantity, it’s a lot.


‘It’s their season to be expensive’  -MRS ADETUTU –Yes, but some are seasonal, so this is their season to be expensive. Like plantain just became cheaper last month. It was as expensive as N500. But now we can buy N100 plantain.


‘The prices are fluctuating’ -MRS. OKPARA –The prices are fluctuating, when you go to the market and you want to buy maybe flour and sugar, you find out that flour is cheaper than the usual and then sugar is more expensive than you left it. So it’s like they take the deduction from flour and add it to sugar.


‘It’s still manageable’ -MRS ENITAN –Some things have skyrocketed. But they are still in the manageable stage. Festive season will soon be here and things will skyrocket, I think this is the best period to buy all one needs.


Market women share their views

IYA PAMILERIN, fish seller –Maybe transportation and some other things we don’t know.


MAMA DAMMY, Tomatoes seller- Everyone is saying the rise in dollar is making things expensive. But we don’t import everything. People like giving excuses.


IYA TOBI – I am not sure of what it is this time, but some things are cheaper compared to the middle of the year. Around June, July, August, things were so expensive. Pepper, yam, plantain were expensive, but now just few things like onions, black yam flour and egg and some few things are expensive.


MRS ADEDAYO, Tomatoes seller – I don’t know the reason tomatoes went up like that. If you look around, most people are not selling. Those selling hide it at home, you wouldn’t even get to buy in large quantity. If you get to buy, it will be too expensive.


MAMA AKEEM, Yam flour seller – The yam flour on sale now is the one they processed when yam was not in season. That is why the price

Is increased. Rain is still falling, people are just trying to dry the new one. The price will soon drop.


MAMA SHOLA,  Tomatoes paste seller – Tomato is not in season. That is why the processed one is expensive.


MAMA MUSA, Pepper seller – The price of pepper is on the high side, and that’s how I buy it from Ile Epo market, my distributor there said it’s expensive because pepper isn’t easy to be transported here from the north because of the Boko Haram trouble over there.


IYA RUKA, Frozen store owner – For a long time the prices of chicken, turkey and fish have been stable, but there’s a possibility of the prices going up soon because of the festive season.


MRS. TEMITOPE, Onion seller – We are just getting into the season of onions, so it’s still a bit on the high side, it was expensive last month, so it’s not so bad now and it will still get better.

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