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‘Marriage is not on my agenda now’ – Kannywood star, Rahama Sadau


Rahama Sadau’s profile has kept rising despite the ban on her in Kannywood. The Northern talent has broken into Nollywood and also on her way to Hollywood. She featured in Sons of the Caliphate, Mo Abudu’s latest work in partnership with Dimbo Atiya where she played the lead role.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, she let us into her world and the secret of her continuous rise.


When did your journey into acting start?

I joined acting when I was in Kaduna State Polytechnic. I was in ND II then. It was quite difficult to combine acting and studies. So, I wasn’t too deep into it until I finished schooling.

rahama-sadauWhen did you break into the industry?

That was three years back.

How does it feel breaking into Nollywood through Sons of the Caliphate?

I have worked in several movie productions in Nollywood before. But, Sons of the Caliphate was a big challenge because we stayed like 11 weeks on location. I enjoyed it. That would be the longest production I would be taking part in so far.

It was not something that was different from what we do in Kannywood. It is just a change of language. Every other thing is the same. Taking part in Sons of the Caliphate was a dream come true. I have actually worked so hard for this movie. I am so proud and excited to be part of it.

What would you say has kept you going despite the challenges you faced in Kannywood?

Focus, determination. I try to look in the way of positive things. I am always myself. Avoid other things that will create problem or scandals. If you know how the North is, acting in the Northern zone is a problem because the people see it as something that is not normal but now, I am proud to be a role model to others.

Will you say you are picky about your scripts, do you have roles you wouldn’t play?

Yes, I am a Northern Hausa girl. I have my own lines that I would never cross. I can’t go nude. I can’t wear short clothes. Whether we like it or not, I belong there. Most of my fans are from the North. I wouldn’t do anything that would frustrate my fans or make them my enemies.

How supportive were your parents when you told them you were venturing into acting?

They didn’t accept the decision at first. They were against it. But now, my mom is so proud of me. When she saw Superstory, she was very happy. Ever since, they have been supportive.

With all the laudable feats you have achieved, how do you take over Northern girls along?

I just launched my production company. All my crew members are girls. Northern girls think they are women that are just kept aside; they think they can’t make a move. We have talents, potentials in the north but they are not given the opportunity to explode.

How do you think a Hausa girl who wants to rise up to her dream can overcome certain stereotypes?

You can tell when you watch the Sons of the Caliphate. The story is about an Hausa girl that does not want to go against the norms and tradition. She didn’t do anything nasty that people would complain about.

rahama-sadau1Will you say you have attained your desired height yet?

No, I have not. I still want more.

How do you handle male admirers because you are good looking and talented?

I am just so dedicated and hardworking. I don’t give attention to most of the things you are talking about.

Can you marry or date a fellow actor?

Yes, so that he can allow me continue with this job. If I marry someone from the other side, I would definitely stop acting.

Are you seeing someone or thinking about marriage?

No I am not. I am just 23 years. I still have my career to pursue.

If you were not an actress, what would you have been?

A model.



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