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Married father wins Spirit of Lagos Theme Song Contest, other winners unveiled

Tuesday, November 25, 2014, witnessed an epoch-making event as the winners of the Spirit of Lagos theme song contest were unveiled by organizers at Freedom Park, Lagos Island, Lagos.

The contest is a celebration of the Spirit of Lagos which is an embodiment. of all that is good about Lagos and the lifeline that connects its glorious past with its future. It preaches social justice, good citizenship and good neighbourliness.

ENCOMIUM Weekly was there and brings you this report…
The winners speak on what gave them an edge…


Amadi Ihegie

Amadi Ihegie

We spoke with the winners – Amadi Ihegie (first), Temitope Stella (she was absent at the unveiling-second) and Michael Uzoma (third) – here are their responses…

Born into a music family, Amadi Ihegie felt it was only natural that he followed the path of his pianist father and older musician brothers, he share how he emerged top of the pile…

When I uploaded my song online during the call for entries, I didn’t think I would even be considered for selection, because I must have been the last person to submit their entry. I uploaded my song in the last hour of the last day. But while I was writing the song, at the back of my mind I wanted to create a song that people would fall in love with after their second listen. I thought about the Lagos slogan Eko o ni baje and built on it.




Imo state-born Michael Onyebuchi Uzoma, a professional songwriter and singer, finished in third place with his song ‘Eko Ile’…

I think two things. First, I adhered to the rules of the competition one of which was not to make your song too long – that is within three minutes. The second is my way of doing music. I have always been someone who does music for the right reasons, not just for people to dance and all that. My forte is conscious music, I’ve been doing this for years and I’m really getting good at it.


‘The whole essence and the value of the Spirit of Lagos is communicated through the song contest’

– Project Director, OLANIYI OMOTOSO




Olaniyi Omotoso

Olaniyi Omotoso

MrOlaniyi Omotoso is the director of the Spirit of Lagos project, he talk about the idea behind the whole initiative…


What’s the idea behind the Spirit of Lagos Song contest initiative?

The Spirit of Lagos Song contest is about finding that song that represents what we believe the Spirit of Lagos is about. It is a song we are hoping will resonate with everybody who lives in Lagos such that when you listen to it, the whole essence and the value of the Spirit of Lagos is communicated. So, it is that type of song that we looking for.

Would you say that aim has been achieved?

It is the people’s choice ultimately, it is what resonates with the people, that’s why they voted it. When we go to production, we do the best to make sure it accomplishes that objective.

What is the Spirit of Lagos?

It is the spirit of excellence. It is the spirit that thrives in those values that made Lagos great, that over the years have been fast diminishing. So, the whole concept of the Spirit of Lagos is to restore, share and to protect such values as social justice, good citizenship and good neighbourliness.


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