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Materazzi reveals what he told Zidane

Former Italian defender Marco Materazzi has revealed what he told Zinedine Zidane that lead to the French captain head butting him in the crucial 2006 world cup final in Germany.
It has been ten years since that famous incident happened, which was Zidane’s last football act after which he was sent off in the extra time of the France-Italy final of the 2006 world cup in Berlin. France lost the Game 5-6 on penalty after playing 1-1 in normal and extra time.

Zidane who retired after that game and now coach of Real Madrid Head Butted Marco Materazzi after the Italian said provoking words to him.

It was reported in media that the Italian insulted his mother. The Italian has, however, revealed that was not the case.

“What I said was stupid,” Materazzi admitted in an interview with L’Equipe “but it didn’t deserve that reaction.”

The 42 year old who wasn’t happy with media reports said, “You would hear stronger words said on the streets of Naples, or Milan, or Paris, much more serious things. My mother died when I was 15, so I would never have insulted his.

“I spoke about his sister”, he added.

The former Inter Milan star went on to say he wants to be remembered only for his goals in that match that saw both players finding the back of the net for their respective country. Zinedine Zidane scored the opener from a penalty in the 7th minute, while Materazzi equalized for Italy in the 19th minute via a header after which he scored in the penalty shootout.

“But it doesn’t matter, I don’t hold any grudges and never will”, he concluded.



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