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Matharoo sisters: Who brought the Canadians to Nigeria?

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Like all sensational tales, there are different versions of how the Matharoo duo became a fixture of high society in Nigeria.

Fullscreen capture 162017 123913 PMWhat’s clear is that the sisters were well-known in Toronto as regulars on the club scene after they left secondary school in 2004.

They reportedly had an old minivan while they frequentied night clubs in Canada.

While some said they started frequenting Nigeria in 2009, what’s clear is that they met a Northern oil mogul whose ‘brother’, a serenaded billionaire has his hands in the most lucrative pies of the economy.

He was said to have dated one of the sisters, and influenced them to love the country.

Their relationship was so serious that his other romance with a light-skinned dame who is now married to a club owner on the Island caused rancour. Both ladies (Matharoo and the wife of the club owner) became sworn enemies.

The Matharoo sisters later met some of the adventurous randy rich men as they hung out in the poshest places.

Later, they met the owner of a boutique hotel who also owns a top restaurant on Victoria Island. While he dated one of the sisters, both worked at his restaurant – one as chef and the other as manager.

As they couldn’t keep their pants up, the business relationship floundered and eventually collapsed.

And since they were making more money from ‘entertaining’ tycoons and magnates, bank executives and boardroom titans, they concentrated on that line of ‘business’.


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