Matured partners open up on recipe for enduring unions

With seemingly high records of breaking marriages and domestic violence sometimes leading to grievous bodily harm and death, matured couples are worried.

And in spite of the popularity of the notion that marriage is becoming unfashionable, they still believe in matrimony.

Here are some thoughts on how to weather the storms of marriage by matured partners:


Mrs. Blessing Emabong

Do you think marriage is still fashionable?

I don’t think so. Marriage is not for everybody.  A lot of people go into it without an understanding of what it all about. Some can’t tolerate another person. A lot of people are just not prepared for marriage before going into it.

Why is divorce high?

Like I said before, they are not prepared. A lot of ladies go into marriage because their friends are married. It is also family pressure and desire for mundane things. Some ladies dream of the ever happily-after that they don’t face realities. It is when realities dawn on them they would say they are leaving the marriage.

A lot of spouses are also not faithful to each other. You have one at home you still want the one outside.

What is the way out?

People should know what marriage entails. It is not something you rush in and rush out of

They should learn what marriage is all about and how they can work it out. They should try to learn from experienced married couples, marriage counsellors. It is good to wait for your time.

In every relationship, it is not love that keeps it going but the determination to keep cool in it no matter the challenges.


Mr. John Ayorinde

Yes , marriage is fashionable because I am married, happily married.

Marriage gives a sense of fulfillment and responsibilities, especially when you see your children grow, move from primary to secondary school and then to higher institutions. It gives so much joy and fulfillment going through those stages.

Statistics show that women put in for divorce more than men. I think men are lagging in their responsibilities, especially in Nigeria where we are going through recession. If the man does not have savings to meet up with his family expenses, the woman can leave to shoulder her burden alone.

Know what you want in marriage before going into it. Make things easy and simple for yourself by planning ahead and defining what you want out of marriage.



Mrs. Funke Akanke

It all depends on what you want. Of course, I believe in marriage. I am happily married but that doesn’t mean it is still fashionable.

I know a lot of people who wish to be married but they are not because they have not just found the right person or nobody proposes to them.

Marriage is a good thing really.

A lot of reasons… If you ask a young lady to define her man, she would say the guy must be rich. She doesn’t want to suffer with any man. No lady wants to endure little trial any more. They want luxury. They cannot provide for the house incase their husbands lose their jobs. They cannot endure one bit.

Men, on the other hand, are fond of abusing their wives. They don’t love their wives like the Lord loves His church to the extent of laying down his life for it. How many men can make such sacrifice now. There is no understanding, trust in marriage again.

Don’t just go into marriage; know what it takes to stay glued in it.

Court your partner for years before saying yes. You will get to know what you can endure and what you can’t endure in it.

Be ready to take s…t from your partner. If not, you are not ready for marriage.



Mr. Abolore

Marriage is fashionable, it is a good thing. Whosoever goes into it will obtain favour from God. It is a nice thing really.

A lot of reasons – from lack of patience to love of material wealth, abuses.

Young people find it difficult to tolerate each other. They cannot endure the slightest affliction; they want to call it quit.

Couples should learn to endure, no matter what. Men should not in any way abuse their wives. Learn to control your anger, put God first and seek Him. I don’t know how two people would exist without seeking God.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for

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