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Medical breakthrough: Baby born by DNA of three parents

World’s first baby has been born using a new three persons fertility method. The baby, Abrahim Hassan, carried the DNA of his mom, dad with some genetic code from a donor.
The method, known as mitochondrial donation, involves doctors taking healthy DNA from the egg of an unknown female to stop the boy from inheriting fatal genetic condition from his mother.
According to experts, the medical breakthrough opens a revolutionary era for medicine. It could also help families with rare genetic conditions give birth to normal babies.  Mother of new born, Ibtisam Shaban has Leigh syndrome, which affects the development of the nervous system.
Dr. .John Zhang, a US embryologists, used the nucleus of the mother’s egg and inserted it into the donor egg, which was then fertilized using the father’s sperm.
Medical officials had to travel to Mexico to carry out the experiment because the technique is banned in the US. After being born, test has shown that Abrahim’s DNA carried less than one percent of the Leigh syndrome.

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