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Meet Lagos’ youngest sole administrator – GBENGA ABIOLA

Gbenga Abiola, 28, is the Sole Administrator of Agege Local Government. He was one of the 57 sole administrators sworn in by Governor Ambode on Monday, June 13, 2016.

Mere looking at his face and stature shows that he was probably the youngest among the lot during the swearing in.

ENCOMIUM Weekly met him last Sunday, July 17, 2016, and he confirmed that he is the youngest of all the 57 sole administrators. He also told us how he has been coping with his duties and responsibilities. Mr. Abiola holds a B.Sc degree in Psychology from University of Lagos, Akoko, Lagos.   


Was it something you were expecting or it came as a surprise?

I wasn’t expecting it. It came as a surprise. I didn’t even know it was my own Gbenga Abiola that was on the list. Later on I got to know and I am glad for it.

How has it been in the last few weeks that you have been at the helm of affairs at Agege Local Government Council?

It’s challenging and inspiring so far so good.

We are aware that you were gunning for councillorship before your appointment. Is there any likelihood that you will still contest for it in future?

Apparently by the virtue of my position right now, it is almost impossible for me to contest for councillorship again. I was supposed to contest for councillorship but God said He will give me a breakthrough in my political career via this appointment and so we just hope that something better will come after this.

Is it also possible for you to contest for the chairmanship…

That is also almost impossible because we (sole administrators) will be in charge of the election. We will be in office while the election is on. It will only be possible if I resign as sole administrator which I don’t think I want to do.

How true is it that you are the youngest of all the 57 sole administrators appointed by Governor Ambode?

Yes, it is.

So, how do you feel when you attend meetings with elders? Are you in anyway intimidated by them?

I am never intimidated and never will I be. I carry myself well and I give respect to whom is due and I earn it as due because of my background politically. I already have relationships with many of the elders. I have contested elections here (Agege) before. This would have been my second time of contesting election if not for the appointment. I am a sole administrator in my local government. it is very easy for me to relate with my elders.

How easy has it been for you to relate with other leaders in the area?

I give them their respect as leaders and I also carry myself as sole administrator that I am. Although, I don’t let it get into my head. I don’t think I am in anyway arrogant or proud but I take charge of my duty and I do what I am supposed to do.

Is it also true that you are single?

Yes, I am very single.

How have you been coping with female attention you probably will be getting?

I have been too busy to even look around. The only girlfriend I have now is Agege Local Government. That is my focus now and that is who I am married to now.

For how long are you likely to be the sole administrator?

Only the governor, the party leaders and God knows.

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