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Meet our esteemed juror from western Africa

David Tayorault’s career began at the young age of 16, and he has grown to become one of the most outstanding game changers in the African music industry. He is a writer, composer, talent manager and an interpreter.

Tayorault is a renowned activist dedicated to the emergence and achievements of many African artistes. He created, discovered and popularized certain rhythms such as the “Youssoumba,” a song and a rhythm “coupe decale” that originated from the South West of Cote d’Ivoire.

Tayorault is a selfless man who has helped by uplifting others. He has successful working relationship with renowned African artistes from Cotd’Ivoire, Cameroon, Guinea, and Central African Republic. It is on record that emerging and established music artistes across the continent of Africa have benefited immensely from the industry expertise of Tayorault.

We are excited to have David Tayorault as one of our esteemed jury members, representing Western Africa at the 5th AFRIMA adjudication. He is a man whose hands are dipped in gold. A Houdini of music.

Olisa Adibua is one of the most outstanding personalities committed to the growth and success of African media and entertainment industry. He is a Nigerian prolific broadcaster, music executive and talent manager.

Olisa is a veteran with most outstanding influence in the media and entertainment industry. He is the co-founder of Storm Records and has also played a vital role in media campaigns like Big Brother Africa and Apprentice Africa.

Olisa kicked off his career with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), where he anchored and produced several television programmes.  With unparalleled skills in radio broadcasting, he remains on high demand as one of Africa’s radio and television executive producers and presenters.

His career went on a rocket with him partnering with a host of corporate bodies and blue-chip clients, consulting on a variety of platforms across various media apertures. Among his successful formidable entertainment outfits are Perceptions Media, Broken Records, Olisa.tv, Fadashion.com, Mymusic.com.ng, and The Truth With Olisa.

His accomplishment within the industry, coupled with vast experience and diverse talents have made him a brand name recognized not only in Nigeria, but across the African continent and among Nigerians in the Diaspora.

Over the years, Olisa has undauntedly added value to the prestigious All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA with his seasoned expertise in music and entertainment. He is an esteemed Juror representing Western Africa at the 5th AFRIMA adjudication.

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