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Melodrama at Yabatech over death of student, Dazan Charity

-school forced to fund befitting burial

Dazan Charity, an Office Technology Management student of Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech) Lagos, died in the early hours of Wednesday, February 10, 2016, at the school’s medical centre. Charity’s death led to a protest by the students, the same day. It was alleged that her death was due to poor state of medical equipment in the medical centre and criminal negligence on the part of the medical personnel, as they demanded N35,000 before she could be attended to.

A witness told ENCOMIUM Weekly, “I just noticed that some students were shouting and gradually gathered. When I got there, I was told that an HND2 student of OTM had passed on at the medical centre. By then the two gates of the school had been locked. Students were crying. I heard that she was a distinction student.

“Her father is late and her mother down with stroke. Her friends and course mates broke the news to us. We also learnt that when she was at the medical centre, she was crying for help. In her words, please help me, I am dying, please don’t tell my mother. “Some unknown school officials and students took the corpse to Atan Cemetery to be buried. When we got to the cemetery, the students didn’t allow the corpse to be buried because it wasn’t a coffin. Some people went to get the coffin which they said cost N75,000, and then the students said she must be buried at Ebony Vault. The body was laid at Ebony Vault while the students went back to school.

“On getting to school, some students went to the medical centre and threw stones at the glass windows. After, we all matched to the Rector’s Quarters. A group of students representing the whole students gave the Rector, Mrs. Margaret Kudi Ladipo a list of demands including the return of Student Union Government (SUG) because we don’t have one now due to the fight the last time elections were held, two weeks of no lecture to mourn Charity and some other demands.

“The Rector agreed to do it all but the student said she should order a memo typed and posted around the school immediately. She was trying to plead but all fell on deaf ears. We were told to match to the multipurpose hall to be properly addressed. On getting there, a lot of students wanted to talk at the same time. This caused confusion as they were so close to the Rector who was already tensed.

“This made the security officers barricade the students and led the Rector into her car. The place was so tensed, so police officers shot into the air, then threw tear gas to disperse students.

“A group of students later went back to the medical centre and burnt down the generator, broke the fence, destroyed the x-ray room and dark room.”

As at 7pm on Thursday, February 11, 2016, students gathered waiting for the memo they demanded but they got something else. The memo read, “All students should vacate the school premises before 12 pm. Signed by management.”

Some students started another protest which resulted to the locking of the two entrances to the school. ENCOMIUM Weekly gathered that female students were crying that they should open the gate, they want to go home. So, the gates were opened.

The school management told the students to take all their belongings with them while leaving.


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