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Men on what can make them beat their wives

Some men batter their wives at the slightest provocation, even if she had been through thick and thin with her man. Some women end up losing their lives as a result of this.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of some men on what could make them physically assault their wives.



There is nothing that can make me beat my wife. The worst I can do is to talk to her rudely. As a man, you must have self control. You are not fit to be a man if you cannot control your emotions. As a man, you must be able to condone the excesses of your wife. I can shakara for her to show that I am still the head of the family, after that, I will make peace with her.

A man has no reason to lay his hand on a woman. Not just his wife alone. Any woman at all, that is why I said a man should be able to control his emotions.



I don’t think there is anything that can make me raise my hand against a woman. I have sisters, I don’t want any man to maltreat them. My wife is not even that type of a woman. She is not a saint but she is humble, respectful and submissive. How many men are lucky enough to have such a wife?

I will be a fool to lay my hand on her. I don’t beat my wife and I cannot beat her for any reason. We have arguments once a while but it is usually not more than that.



I don’t think I can beat my wife. I have never done it and I don’t wish to do it. Even the issue of taking my leave when there is an argument is not something I like. One can leave and walk into temptation, the deed will be done in seconds and it can lead to regret for the rest of one’s life.

I will rather leave her presence, go to another room or go and watch football in the living room.



I have slapped her once and I regretted it really. I slapped her because she confronted a girl I was dating. She went to the girl mother’s shop to disorganize a lot of things and I ended up paying for those items. I was really ashamed because it became something else.

I also regretted my action and since then, I have not dated any other woman or lady except my wife. I found out that I had peace at home when I stopped looking outside.



Women are too stubborn for them not to be beaten. They need to be beaten once a while. My wife has a terrible attitude of nagging. I have beaten her mercilessly once and I took her to the hospital. She reduced her nagging thereafter so, my method worked.

Though at times I used to think she might die while I’m beating her. I don’t pray that happens to me. She is usually the one that pushes me into it.



May be once. An argument broke out and I couldn’t control my temper. I will not advise any man to lay his hand on his woman. I ended up regretting my act. I had to beg her days after. Anytime she began nagging, I reminded her I promised not to lay my hand on her again and she would behave.



I don’t think battering is the solution to marital problems. Why beat a woman. You are beating yourself and setting a bad example for the children. I try as much as possible to cool my temper and we would sit down and talk about it later, may be two days after the incident.



I cannot beat my wife. What if she beats me back. My wife is a strong woman. She is taller than I am. The fear of her height makes me respect myself. What if she beats me and I couldn’t handle it, it will be a disgrace to me in my neighbourhood. I would rather remain calm.



I have never thought of it. I can’t even think about it. My wife is a good Christian. She has endured with me. There was a time I thought I would die but she stood by me. I can never forget that year. I will be an ingrate to raise my hand against her.



A responsible man wouldn’t beat his wife. He knows the woman cannot match him in strength, why would he do that. He should go to his fellow men and contest with them. I married a peaceful woman. I am a peaceful man myself but I have my principles and I let her know her boundaries when it comes to certain issues. She doesn’t go beyond her boundary, that is why I love her.



No, I don’t think there is anything that can warrant that. She is my partner. I believe love is patience. No matter how terrible the issue is, I try as much as possible to be a man.

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I don’t think she can do anything that would make me beat her. Raising your hand against a woman you love is animalistic and barbaric. There is nothing my wife can do that would lead to beating her. Even though she denied me sex forever or denied me food or even stole my money, I won’t beat her.

Sometime when she annoys me, I use harsh words on her and at the end, I will still beg her because by the time you start using harsh words and all, it will result into something big. As a husband, you are supposed to contain your wife’s excesses. Not that you are a fool but it is just for peace to reign.




There is nothing that can warrant beating her because it is an abomination for a man to raise his hand against his wife, even the Bible is against it. A wife is a blessing and a favour in a home. For me to do such, it means I have beaten my blessing. So, as a right thinking person, I cannot beat my wife.



I can never beat my wife, rather I will just walk out or go to the bedroom and rest. Some people would say take your shirt and leave the house, but it doesn’t work out that way, because that is when you will remember that there is a girlfriend somewhere. So, the best is to just keep quiet and let peace reign. Though we have our differences, but it takes maturity for a man to keep his hand down.



I cannot beat my wife. It takes a matured man and the grace of God to help a man control his temper. Though it is not easy but the Bible says, “He who finds a wife, findeth a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord”. So, for me to beat my wife, I have beaten God’s favour in my life because every woman has a role to play in a man’s life.



I cannot beat my wife except she gets me angry because there are some words women use that can get a man upset. For example, if my wife tells me that I am not man enough, I will beat the living day out of her.



I don’t know because I have not beaten her before. Though we can have strong arguments and shout at ourselves but I have never beaten her. Maybe she slaps me then I can return it with three slaps. Even though I catch her with another man, I won’t beat her because it can lead to death.

So, I learnt that from people’s experience, the best is just to leave the house or divorce her and start life again but I won’t beat her. Though it takes maturity but God has been helping me.



I can beat my wife if she insults my mother because I don’t joke with my mother at all. I was brought up by my mother and my mother trained me up to the university. She started my business. So, I don’t joke with her at all. If my wife insults my mother, I will beat her to stupor.



I can’t beat my wife though we do have issues. There was a time her family members had to resolve our issues at home but still I did not beat her. So, I don’t think anything can make me beat my wife.



I can, it depends on what she did because women of these days lack respect. They want to be in control at all times.



I cannot beat my wife because I know that she is not perfect and will misbehave someday. So, me getting married to her means I am able to deal with her excesses. That is why I can’t beat her.

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