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Men reveal the number of underwear they have and how often they change them (2)

Men underwear, precisely boxers, briefs and singlet are also fashion accessories. Many men today tend to invest in clothes that they wear forgetting the inner ones. Research has shown that less than 8 in 10 men change their underwear every day.

The truth about men’s underwear habit in Nigeria today is that 2 in 5 men do not bother to change their underwear every day.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of Nigerian men concerning the habit of changing their underwear. In the chat, they revealed how often they change their underwear and the ideal number of underwear a man should have.



I fancy my under wear a lot. I have up to 10 boxers and 10 singlet including round-neck shirts.  I don’t think it’s a must I change them every day.



My boxers and singlet are very special to me. I have just 4 boxers and 5 singlets. I have brief too that I wear once in a while during my working days. I change my boxer everyday but when I am home I change them maybe once in two days. So, I wear my boxer and singlet for one or two days consecutively.



I don’t like to wear boxer,. I prefer pant. I have a whole lot of adult pant and I change them everyday depending on the stress of the day.



I am a guy and I don’t bleed monthly so, how do you expect me to change my boxers twice or even every day. I wear a boxer until it gets dirty enough to be changed. Concerning my singlet, I change that every two days. It is safe for ladies to change theirs every six hours but guys are free to even wear them for a week. It’s nobody business.



For me, anytime I take a shower, I change my boxer and singlet. It’s non-negotiable. I take my bath at last twice a day or even more. I can’t even count the number of singlet and boxers that I have.



I normally change my boxers every day including my singlet and other inner wears. I am not trying to form, I just like to smell good every day. I have more than 20 boxers and about 10 singlets. So, it is not a problem changing them every day.



A normal hygiene is that one should change his boxers or singlet every morning when you take your bath, whether you do something hectic or not. So, that’s what I follow. I change my underwear after every morning shower, put on another one and then wash that one I wore before.  I don’t keep dirty underwear for days.



I have enough boxers, but I change them in two days just because I am a traveller and I can’t keep carrying boxers and singlet everywhere. I change them anytime I return home from a trip, either two or three days.



The temperature has changed. There’s more of heat these days. I have learnt to change my boxers once every two days because of the very hot weather. When we are still enjoying a very good weather, I change two boxers in a week. I have four boxers and I don’t wear singlet at all.



This boxers of a thing I think it is good to change it every day, even twice a day but not in this Nigeria. I don’t change my own every day. I wear a boxer for two days before changing it. I have up to 10 boxers and I can’t even count my singlet.



My underwear is very precious to me. I wash them every day after every wear and I change them daily too. I have about 30 boxers and 20 singlets, including briefs and men panties.



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