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Men talk about the shame of being beaten by wives

The report that 55 husbands were beaten by their wives in Lagos state is as worrisome as it is alarming. The revelation, by the Attorney General, also set many stupefied. 

How can to a woman be audacious and strong enough to beat up her husband? sought the opinions of married men on this question – Is it possible for a wife to beat her husband?

Below are married men’s responses.


Mr. Charles

Yes, it’s possible to some extent. That is if the man is a weakling and cannot take decisions on his own. But believe me you, my wife can never try to raise her hands on me not to talk of beating me.


Mr. Gbadebo Akintola

Yes, it is possible for a woman to beat up her husband only if he is not man enough. Though, women are the weaker sex, some men become the ‘woman wrapper’ where they would allow their wives to be crazily tossing them around to the level of beating them up mercilessly. But as for me, I don’t support that.


Mr. Christopher Aneke

No, I disagree with that. There is no woman I think can beat up her husband. Most women I have handled are too emotional, and as a matter of fact, even when you offend them, they just cry and let it be.


Mr. Rasheed Sultan

It is not possible for a wife to beat up her husband because the strength is there for a man. But they can do something else to frustrate their husbands, not beating them.


Mr. Adeboye Gboyega

No, it is not possible. The highest I think a woman can do for her husband that is dump is to slap him. I surely know that there is no man a woman will slap that she won’t spell her father’s name.


Mr. Ige Taiwo

It is possible, because there is a lot of women who have no hopes for their future. The only thing for them, they should have a baby and leave their husbands to be living society life.

Such women can beat up their husbands.

A woman who has intention of beating her husband has no hope for her generation.


Mr. Joseph Smith

It’s possible if the man is not up and doing, or if the wife is huge and she’s the one footing the bills. One day she will beat her husband at the slightest mistake.


Mr. Akorede Femi

It is very possible, because when two people engage in a physical quarrel, it’s not a matter of being man or woman. It’s a matter of strength and energy. Some women are physically fit and powerful than their husbands. Aside the use of weapon, many women out there today will beat their husbands if they are to engage in a fight. It’s matter of fact.


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