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Mide Martins Marriage Mess – 3 rumours dogging the 13 year union

Popular Nollywood actress, Mide Martins yesterday (Sunday,April 17) confirmed rumours flying around that all isn’t well with her marriage when she revealed that her actor husband, Afeez Abiodun, popularly known as Afeez Owo, had packed out of their home for three months.

Mide Martins 1-Fullscreen capture 4182016 24016 PMThe crack was noticed in the wall when observant social media followers laid into her for neglecting to celebrate her husband on his birthday when the latter had done same for her just a day earlier.

This led her to clarify the situation with a series of Instagram posts where she alleged that her husband had moved out of their home for up to three months and abandoned five children with her.
She said, “On the contrary, he was the one that moved out of the house! This happened about three months ago after we had a minor argument over the well-being of his children. He abandoned me with five children at home — his two children, two of our cousins that have been living with us for the past 10 years now and the house help.”
She has thus taken over, at least for the time being, from Toyin Aimakhu as the Nollywood marriage/relationship drama queen.

Here are the top three rumours and issues that have been dogging the over 13 years old union

1. Infidelity: There were strong infidelity rumours in the marriage two years ago when the couple were said to have separated because the husband could no longer bear the wife’s unfaithfulness. The husband was also allegedly sighted with another love interest, while the wife stayed low key. But Mide denied all the rumours in an exclusive interview with Encomium Weekly.

2. Superiority: There has always been the issue of superiority in the marriage as many consider the husband to be inferior to Mide, in terms of looks at least. And she admitted that much in a recent interview where she said she was fine with marrying an Ugly man. “It is obvious that I am pretty. But I love him like that. Love is not about being beautiful or being handsome,” she said.

3. Juju: Perhaps the most ridiculous of the rumours bedeviling the couple’s marriage is that  Afeez Owo married Mide through diabolical means. Again, Mide addressed the rumour, describing it as jargon. “How can someone use juju on you for over 13 years? I have two kids with him,” she said.
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