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Miss Earth 2013, Marie Miller reveals greatest wish

‘I need a good-looking, caring and loving man as husband’

Popular model and Video Vixen, Marie Miller was crowned Miss Earth, Nigeria on Saturday, September 22, 2013 at the Lagos Oriental Hotel. And joyous to no end, the 2010 Nigeria Next Super Model top contender and the country’s rep at the 2011 Miss Model of the World (on Saturday, September 28, 2013) had an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly.

Opening up on how she emerged victorious at the 12th edition the Ibinabo Fiberesima – inspired beauty pageant, Marie Miller also unveiled her pet projects, while revealing her earnest desire and aspiration in life.

Miss Earth, Nigeria, it would be noted, is a four- in-one pageant which provides for Miss Earth proper who walks away with a brand- new full option 2013 Toyota Avensis, in addition to N3 Million prize money she would be receiving as monthly salary; Miss Earth-Water (with a cash prize of N1 Million); Miss Earth- Air, N500,00 and Miss Eco- Friendly. This year, Tessy Bibowei, 24, was the 1st runner up and hence Miss Earth-Water.  Damola Akinsanya, who is also 24 emerged Miss Earth-Air, while 21 year-old Amarachi Uwakwe was crowned Miss Earth-Eco Friendly.

 miss earth Contest24

Congratulations on emerging the 12th Miss Earth, Nigeria?

Thank you.

What was the feeling when you were announced the winner on Sunday, September 22, 2013?

I felt shocked at first, then extremely happy when I was announced winner because I was expecting to be in the top four.

If you could choose the queen, who would get your vote?

It would be Sage, Miss Tessy! She’s a really nice and down to earth person.

Has being a beauty queen ever been your dream and what do you think gave you an edge over the other contestants?

I’ve always wanted to be a beauty queen. I would say being myself and not pretending. Also being friendly to the other contestants gave me an edge.

Now, you’ve been crowned Miss Earth, Nigeria, what would change about you?

Nothing’s really going to change, I’ll still want to be myself. Only I will be quite busy with oncoming projects that have been set up.

What are some of the things you can no longer do because you are now a beauty queen?

I can no longer do some of the model jobs I used to do, now that I am queen.

Can you please educate us on the projects you would be executing during your reign?

My projects are “LOVE MY PLANET SCHOOL TOUR”. It’s aimed at educating children on the importance of environmental protection. And Water initiatives aimed at minimizing challenges facing water.

How prepared are you for the task ahead? And where would you be representing Nigeria in 2013/14?

I will be representing Nigeria at the Miss Earth international beauty pageant in the Philippines.

You must have been receiving loads of calls from friends and family members since Saturday. So which has been the most touching of all the congratulatory messages/calls?

The most touching call was from a woman who I haven’t spoken to in over three years now. She called to congratulate me and it was really touching.

Have you participated in a pageant before?

What I would say I contested in, that is similar to a beauty pageant is Face of Sleek. I was in top 8.

But you were a model and video Vixen (dancer)? What else were you doing before you were crowned Miss Earth?

Just to be clear, being a video vixen doesn’t mean you are a dancer. That’s what they employ dancers for. Asides from just modelling, I also get some jobs for models, act like an agent for them. I’ve worked with my father at his company as well.

Have you received your car prize?

Yes, I have.

What is the brand of your car & what year?

It’s a Toyota Avensis, 2013 model.

How would you spend your N250,000 per month pay?

I would use part of it for some of my personal projects, pay my tithes & invest the rest.

You’ve been Miss Earth for almost seven days now, can you please share with us what you have been doing from Sunday till date?

I’ve had interviews with a number of journalists since Sunday till Tuesday. Then I went home to see my family. Work will start proper from Monday!

What’s a typical day in the life of Miss Earth?

It hasn’t begun yet, but it will from next week. So I will let you know then!

Has it been stressful?

Not yet, it hasn’t.

You were in a relationship before you became a beauty queen?


What do you really want in your would- be boyfriend or husband?

I would want a good looking, God loving, caring and loving man as my husband.

Let’s get to know more about you, please?

My full names are Marie Saint Claire Anne Miller. I am 25 years old. I was born in Lagos state, which is where I also come from. I have three siblings. My parents are Mr. Michael and Mrs. Margaret Miller.

I went to The Fountain Nursery & Primary School, Surulere, then went to Our Lady of Apostles Secondary School, Yaba. I’m currently schooling in Cotonou (Republic of Benin), North American University, but I will be changing schools pretty soon.



– Miss Earth-Water, TESSY BIBOWEI

Pretty Tessy Bibowei is Miss Earth-Water, 2013. The 24-year old Computer Science student of Niger Delta University would be representing Nigeria at the Miss International beauty pageant in Japan.

The lucky lady who spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly is now N1 million richer!


Congrats on winning Miss Earth, Nigeria 2013 (Miss Earth, Water).

Thank you very much (smiles).

What is this pageant all about?

Miss Earth is an annual beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness. It’s all about the prevention and protection of Mother Earth and nature. It brings to light the conscious effort of keeping/living a clean and healthy environment. It’s a beauties -for- a- cause programme.

So, how prepared are you for the task of protecting mother earth?

I’m prepared to work hard and give in my best, mostly on this year’s Miss Earth themed, “Water Co-operation” – the awareness and its importance in managing our water resources.

What did you win in the Miss Earth, Nigeria pageant?

I won best in Swim Suit competition and also the Miss Earth-Water.

What stood you out from the other Miss Earth contestants?

My strength in the pageant was good communication skills with other prospective queens. My ability to show love and care to everyone and bring out my best in everything. My weakness was my frustration, because I’m a perfectionist. When I do not achieve something in camp (the dance, walk, task), it got me worked up. It took my mother and my friends in camp to encourage me and tell me I am doing great.

How would you describe the eventual winner?

The current Miss Earth (Marie Miller) is calm, beautiful, intelligent, graceful and hard- working.

You would be representing Nigeria in Japan?

Yes, I will be representing Nigeria in the Miss International Beauty Pageant in Japan.

Can you please tell us more about Tessy Bibowei?

I’m 24years old. I’m Single. I was born in Edo state. My town is Oporoma in Southern-Ijaw LGA of Bayelsa State. My Parents are Mr. and Mrs. Meshach Vero Bibowei. I’m a student of the Niger Delta University, I’m studying Computer Science.


Oyedamola‘My ultimate ambition is to affect lives’


We also chatted up Mojisola Damola Akinsanya who emerged Miss Earth, Air.


What does your crown, Miss Earth-Air entail?

As Miss Earth- Air, I’m an ambassador of the earth, especially as it concerns the air we breathe in. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases by the minute and my role is to help create more awareness on how we can make our atmosphere more friendly for us all to live in.

How prepared are you for this job?

I am very prepared! We would be approaching relevant authorities as soon as possible on how we intend to spread our environmental messages to all and sundry.

You won a cash prize?

Yes, I won N500,000 as well as N50,000 as Miss Amity. I will represent Nigeria at the Bride of the World Beauty Pageant!!

What gave you the edge over the others?

My strength was my inter-personal relationship with all my fellow contestants as well as my physical and intellectual attributes. As for my weaknesses in camp, I didn’t have any!!

How would you describe the new Miss Earth, Marie Miller?

She’s humble, calm and beautiful!

Please, tell us about you?

My names are Oyedamola Mojisola Akinsanya. I’m 24. Single, born in Lagos but I’m from Abeokuta, Ogun state. My parents are Engr. and Mrs. Akinsanya. I read Mass Communication in UNILAG.

I’m the next big thing to happen to your TV screens!!

What is your ultimate ambition in life?

My ultimate ambition is to affect as many lives as I can, positively!! No matter the situation I find myself, I want to be an advocate for my people.



– Miss Earth, Eco- Friendly, AMARACHI UWAKWE

Amarachi Uwakwe is Miss Eco-friendly 2013. The 21 year-old girl who will represent Nigeria in the next Miss Global International shares with ENCOMIUM Weekly her passion to save the earth.


What is your brief as Miss Eco-Friendly?

As Miss Eco-Friendly, I would embark on intense and wide scale advocacy on environmental sustainability as well as pro- earth protection.

I have passion for joining in the campaign to protect the environment. I would like to advocate for tree planting and support the enactment of anti-tree-felling legislation. Trees combat the greenhouse effect, clean the air, provide oxygen, cool the streets and the cities, conserve energy, save water, help prevent water pollution and help prevent soil erosion, etc.

I also hope to support technological research institutes in Nigeria to foster the research into energy- saving technologies that emit less heat and carbon. This advocacy will help protect the neighbourhood and the environment.

How prepared are you for the tasks ahead?

I’m very well prepared for my roles as Miss Eco- Friendly, based on the trainings I have under gone. I have done wide scale research on environmental sustainability. Also, I have begun the designing of actionable plans and programmes that will reach out to various groups of the Nigerian citizenry in a bid to align their actions and policies towards environmental protection and consciousness.

What were your strength and weaknesses at the pageant?

My strength was my down to earth and friendly disposition which really endeared me to my fellow contestants and voters. One of my weaknesses, I would say, was that at certain times, I put on a bit too business-like disposition which some of my fellow contestants didn’t really like and at some point was misconstrued.

How would you describe Miss Earth, Nigeria, 2013 winner, Marie Miller?

The crown Miss Earth Nigeria 2013 I would say is pretty, nice and unassuming.

Where are you representing Nigeria?

I would represent my country in the Miss Global, International in Jamaica.

What is your ultimate ambition?

I intend working after graduation. But my ultimate ambition is to have and raise my own family.

Can we please know more about you?

My name is Amarachi Uwakwe. I am 21. I am single. I was born in Owerri. I am from Umuire, Obizi, Ezinihitte, Mbaise LGA. My parents’ names are Mr. and Mrs. Emeka Edmund Uwakwe. I am the first of four children (two boys and two girls). I attended my primary school at Claret Academy, World Bank, Owerri.

My secondary school was at Holy Rosary International College, Owerri, Imo State. Presently, I am a final -year Business Management student of Imo State University.


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This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, October 1, 2013



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