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Miss Nigeria 2015: ‘I know I did well’- Kehinde Adeyemi, 1st runner-up

How do you feel today?

I am grateful to God. Between myself and the winner, it was a tie so, I know I did well. In my mind, I know I am satisfied.

Are you disappointed that you didn’t win?

I am not disappointed. I am not discouraged. I am not a loser. I don’t give up. I will say this is how God wanted it.

How would you describe the whole experience?

It was a pretty stressful one. From the day camp started up till now, I am still feeling sleepy. It was a lot of work.

Did any of the contestants pose a threat to you?

I wouldn’t say anybody. I was my own competition.

How did you get on board?

I bought the form myself. The pet project I wanted to work on when I win inspired me to buy Miss Nigeria form. I wanted to venture into Agriculture. I believe it is the next oil for Nigeria. It will take a lot of youth off the street and put food on some people’s table.

What were you into before going for the competition?

I am a medical student. I am studying Pharmacy and I am in my 500level.



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