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Miss Photogenic, AMARACHI GBUJIE speaks about her pet projects

QUEEN of Aso Nigeria 2013 pageant held on October 7, 2013, in the nation’s capital city, Abuja.  The 22 year-old Anambra born model turned beauty queen, Amarachi Juliet Gbujie won the Miss Photogenic award through her overwhelming online votes.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with the new beauty queen on tricks that made her come out tops and how she would spend her cash prize and more…

QueenCongrats, how do you feel winning the crown?

I feel blessed.  I feel honoured and grateful to God.  He is indeed the reason for my victory.

What would you say gave you an edge?

I would say my confidence, my self belief, my innovative approach to our tasks during camping.  I feel it really puts me in good position for the crown.

What was your winning strategy?

I must say that my obvious passion and hunger throughout the camp and the event proper were my most potent strategies.

Who was a threat to you during the competition?

Queen Hausa (Miss Hadassa Benson).

As a new queen, what are your roles?

Operation Flush Out Malaria in Nigeria.  I am also helping to campaign on doing things right initiative of the National Orientation Agency.  I am their youth ambassador and I have met the Director General.

Mention some pet projects you have in mind to work on?

I have so many pet projects.  I would also be attending so many meetings, go for events, help the less privileged as well as be a role model to all the youths.

What has changed about you now that you are a queen?

Nothing really has changed about me. I have always been respectful, simple and a very effective personality from birth, but the burden that comes with the crown has really brought out the attributes in me.

Queen of aso(1)-001What are the challenges your crown comes with?

It comes with a lot of challenges, for example, my pet projects, social challenges like people on the look out to take advantage of you, trying to correct the wrong perceptions about beauty queens in my immediate environment.

Describe your typical day?

Wake up, do my morning prayers, exercise, do house chores, then I go out to face my daily task.

How did you know about the Miss Aso Contest?

Through a very good friend who believed in me and I also went further to surf the net about it.

After your reign, what would you fall back on?

After my reign, I will definitely fall back to my family and friends and continue building my career as a young woman. I also hope to further my pet projects.

What prize is attached to your crown?

A brand new Hyundai Accent, N1.5 million, one year free hair care and representing Nigeria in the Miss Naides beauty pageant.

How would you spend the money?

My money will be saved to help finance my M.Sc programme which I hope to enroll for after my NYSC programme.


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