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Missing links in Tagbo’s autopsy report

tagbo - Davido

The autopsy report of 35 year-old Tagbo Umeike – as announced by Lagos Police Commissioner (Edgar Imohimi) on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 – listed the cause of death as suffocation. But failed to tell us what led to the suffocation.

The report also didn’t mention the drinks and food, including alcohol or other substances, the deceased had before passing on.

Many are at a loss whether the suffocation was because he was drunk, and needed fresh air but was dumped in a car.

Or did he choke on the drink? Was the vehicle’s windows ‘wound up’ and locked?

Who dumped him in the vehicle unattended to?

The announcement of CP Imohimi left more questions than answers.


The only questions it addressed were:


  1. That Davido’s crew brought Tagbo’s corpse to The General Hospital in Lagos Island, dumped him in his Toyota Camry and eloped in his Hilux escort vehicle.


  1. And that the Hilux was recovered from Davido’s 7, Awoshika, Lekki Phase 1 residence on Victoria Island.


  1. Those who dumped the corpse at the hospital are being questioned by the Police.


  1. Davido was invited by the Police for claiming he knew nothing about dumping the corpse, whereas his vehicle was used for the misadventure.


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