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Mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding (2)

WEDDINGS in Nigeria have gone way past the normal ceremonies.  It now involves a lot of fanfare, side attractions, variety of foods, extravagant decorations, grand entry for couple, etc.  Every bride that wants the best on her big day pays attention to every detail.  Some hire wedding planners from the outset, others do the planning and vendor hiring, then employ the services of an event coordinator to make sure all vendors cooperate and do what is to be done.

Whichever the case may be, brides should be careful, know what they want so as to avoid wedding planning mistakes. 

ENCOMIUM Weekly brings you more mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding.



When planning your wedding, it is normal to log on to Instagram and check for ideas and inspirations for how your wedding should turn out or look.  While at it, you have to put yourself in check so you don’t get carried away by what you see on bellanaija, wedding digest and other Nigerian wedding pages on Instagram. Always remember that individuals are different and the fact that someone’s wedding looked good with a particular theme does not mean yours will look same.  The only thing you should do while on Instagram is look up ideas and not get totally carried away by what you see.  Have in mind that things are not always what they look like.



We are not saying you shouldn’t hire family, but rather be careful when considering to hire them, so it doesn’t become a decision you wished you didn’t make.

First, there’s always that little activity you want family members to oversee on your wedding day.  When you hire them as your wedding vendor, they won’t be able to help with that little activity and they also won’t be able to enjoy your party like everyone else.  Second, if they mess things up, it may be awkward and you might not be able to scold them as you’d want to.  Imagine if you had your aunt as the caterer at your wedding reception, and you paid her for variety of food for 500 people and the food doesn’t go round your 350 guests.



This is one wedding disaster always waiting to happen because people would ask what plans you’ve made and would try to convince you to try this or that or hire a vendor they know.  The moment you listen to everyone and do everything that is suggested, you might end up with a disastrous wedding party. Whatever plans you make should be between you, your husband and the wedding planner.



Music is the life of every party, so you have to make sure the band will dish out entertaining and danceable songs, and also the DJ would play trendy songs back to back, so people don’t get bored.

Early callers to the wedding reception would not be bored or get tired of waiting for the party to start.  Once the party starts and the music plays, they would dance till their feet hurt.

The master of ceremonies is also a key part of the wedding as he would be doing a lot of talking.  Be sure that he is witty, polite and won’t be insultive to your guests when making jokes.



Aside coming to celebrate your big day, people are coming to eat and have fun at your wedding.  Yes, a lot of people look forward to the food at the party.  Ensure that the food goes round and is more than enough for the guests.  Availability of variety of food is important.  Desserts and finger foods are also wedding must haves.  Guests are not happy when they don’t eat or have enough to eat at your wedding. That is why it is essential to make sure you invite only the number of people you can cater for.

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