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Mixed picture of hope and despair trail APC government

Some Nigerians, despite the hardships being inflicted on them by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), still believe something better can come out of the party, while some have written them outrightly.

Few Nigerians sampled their opinions on this also expressed divergent views:


‘Nothing good can come from APC ANY MORE’ – OBI UZOR

“I don’t have any hope in APC government. The party has failed woefully in its first two years. There is suffering all over the land contrary to its promises. Buhari has done more damage to our economy. Anyway, I can’t be surprised because the party was premised on a faulty foundation.

It’s very glaring that the party can’t do anything good for Nigeria as a country. If you like, give it 30 years. So, why deceiving ourselves?


‘The party is full of lies and propaganda’ – CHIBUZOR EMMANUEL

“I have never from the beginning believed in APC because it’s full of lies and propaganda. So, there’s no way I can believe in it at all. If the party likes, let it turn Nigeria to America, I have no business with it. APC is not a party to reckon with.”


‘I still have hope in APC’ – EMMANUEL NNANA

“All hope is not lost yet. The party is working to some extent. At least three of our refineries are being turned around now. And very soon, fuel problem will be resolved totally. The APC government can still do better if it can put its house in order. If all of them in government can work in unison, something good will still come out of the government’.”


‘There’s still hope in APC’ – RASHEEDAT BELLO

“No matter the pains now, I will still identify with APC. I will still vote for the party in 2019. I believe there will be gain after the hardship. We can’t return Nigeria into the hands of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) no matter the suffering now. APC is still better than PDP.

But if Buhari is not fit again, he should step down for another candidate from the party in 2019.’


‘I still have hope in APC’ – DUPE OLABODE

“Nothing can make me lose hope in APC. Every right thinking Nigerian knows that Jonathan and his men had spoilt the economy. They milked Nigeria dry before they left office. And it can’t be easy for APC to come in and fix the country over night.

I still believe the party will do better if given second term. Though, the pain is much at the moment, if we can all can be patient, we will all enjoy later. We all need to pray for Buhari, not to wish him dead so that Nigeria can become great in the nearest future because the man has good motive. It’s only that his efforts are being sabotaged.”



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