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Mixed reactions as BSc/HND dichotomy is abolished

Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu in Abuja, on Tuesday, August 2, 2016, confirmed the abolition of the dichotomy between the Higher National Diploma (HND) and university degree, otherwise known as B.Sc.

The minister who announced the official position of the government said, “The stories that have been on social media have element of mischief. “The dichotomy between B.Sc and HND has been eliminated”.

ENCOMIUM Weekly on Wednesday, August 3, 2016, spoke to undergraduates and graduates on how they feel about the removal of BSc/HND dichotomy, and here are their views



I am very happy, I know some BSc holders will not be happy with this development because the competition has started. Polytechnics will start restructuring their system, there will be less direct entry for OND holders except those with NCE. There will be less struggle for university admission.

University system will also work on their structure because there will be no more theory orientation. So, I am very, very excited about this.



This is a welcome development, Buhari will be remembered for this policy. I am an HND graduate and I am going for thanksgiving for this policy because the competition between university and HND just got over. At least we now know that technical education stops at OND level.



I am very happy about this because if you look at the polytechnics, they do more of practical than theory. Polytechnics expose you to the reality of the job and most employers know this but they are only being adamant to the truth.

I am happy for what Mallam Adamu Adamu has done in correcting this bad impression against HND students.



This is a total mess up for university students. This is trash. I think the government should restructure their system, I mean, the polytechnic system before equating them with BSc.



I am happy about the idea but the truth is, it will take a while before it takes effect because by the time employers start following this new policy, a lot of HND graduates will be given double promotion and BSc graduates will not want this to happen.



I do not like the idea at all. The fact is this policy is an agreement on paper, if you go out there with your HND certificate and let those who graduated in a university present their BSc certificate, then you will know that Mallam Adamu only said words of the mouth because a lot of companies prefer BSc to HND.



It is a welcome development, after all universities are now following the 180 cut off mark even polytechnics and even colleges of education. So, let their certificates be equivalent to themselves. This will reduce the number of people applying for universities.

Imagine 65,000 candidates applying for UNIUYO and only 1,500 might be taken while the rest will either go back to polytechnics and colleges of education, but as they have now removed the dichotomy, candidates can apply to polys and colleges of education, knowing full well that when they graduate, it will still be the same certificate that will be given to them.



This is a very good move. The dichotomy has always been unnecessary, baseless and discriminatory. This is a long overdue development. Kudos to those who will get automatic salary increase. But I hope all these firms seeking only BSc holders will adhere to this new development.



It is a good development, I am happy for my polytechnic pals.



I do not think this will work at all. Take a good look at this. If a BSc holder goes for an interview and the person beside him is an HND holder, the employer will pick the Bsc holder, employ him and even pay him a huge salary than the HND holder.

So, before this policy will work, it will take a long time.



This is a welcome development, it will help to make polytechnic graduates more valuable.



I do not like the idea at all. I will not blame Nigerians because our president does not have a certificate that shows he went to higher institution of learning. He has no BSc that is why he does not know the value a BSc or HND.



This is ordinary paper work. The truth is Bsc cannot be equal to HND. This is just mere politics they are playing on polytechnic students. The thing is, poly products can never be equal with university products.



If this is really true, then it is a welcome development. Both university and polytechnic have good graduates. So, this is the time to set the ball rolling. It will be about what you can deliver and not the type of certificate or school.

Many degree holders’ jobs will be at stake because so many companies know what HND holders can do.



It is a good development but I am very sure that this will only have effect in civil service because private and other big companies might not abide by it. At least it is a welcome development, especially for our colleagues with HND certificate.



This is a very good one. This is the only good thing I can say that APC has done. BSc and HND are two different qualifications and they serve their respective relevant purposes in their different fields and as such, there is no disparity between them. Most important, none is superior or inferior to the other.



This policy is what we have been waiting for in a very long time. This undesirable dichotomy should not end on paper and media hype. The Federal Government should effect this resolution in the civil service and promotion standards.



This is nonsense. I have lecturers from polytechnics as classmates in the university and they are still struggling with their grades. So, why will any sane person compare BSc with HND. This is rubbish.



This government is just fooling us, let the truth be told. Why we don’t have medicine and law in polytechnics. BSc cannot be compared to HND if not we will have these two strong courses in polytechnics, if you check the curriculum of both BSc and HND, you will find some courses that HND students cannot do except they are in the university.

So, anytime, any day, Bsc is greater than HND, even their mode of entry is not the same.


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