Mixed reactions grip students as FG scraps Post UTME from higher institutions (2) 


The Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu on Thursday, June 2, 2016, announced the scrapping of Post UTME examinations organized by various universities for students seeking admission.

Speaking at the opening of the 2016 Combined Policy Meeting on Admissions to universities, polytechnics and other institutions across the country, Adamu said the Federal Government had confidence in the examination conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) adding that there was no need for other examination to be conducted by institutions after JAMB.

Also, “180 is given, no institution will go below 180 this year, and some universities can go above it. I know University of Ife will not go below 200 also UI. All these ones stand but 180 as benchmark for others. This year, we have more than enough candidates. We have over 1.5 million candidates so, we will get enough candidates to take in all the schools if they are serious. Re-distribution is already ongoing, because it is embedded in the registration procedure.”

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of admission seekers on the scrap of Post UTME in institutions across the country. In the chat, they revealed to us both the good and bad side of the new development as many embraced the idea while others lambasted it.   



Scrapping post UTME to me is not a good idea because it will make admission very difficult for the poor and people who don’t have long legs because if the school has 700 slots and 10,000 students applied for that school, the lecturers and admin officers of the school will pick their own relatives before considering others.



Scrapping Post UTME is a good one. It is an added advantage for those with higher grades because most universities will not accept students with lower grades and the screening will be strict for lazy students.



Scrapping Post UTME is not the best thing to do, rather it makes admission difficult for students. The Post UTME is the only way that qualified candidates can be admitted into schools and with this idea, there will be more admission fraud in the country.



Scrapping Post UTME is not the best idea because admission will only be provided for the rich and wealthy people while the poor will not be able to get good and qualified education.



This is good news because most of our universities have been turned to an avenue of making money and extorting students. This will give an average man same breathing space because JAMB alone is more than enough criteria to get into the university.



This is good news for the Jambites  because this will make going to school very easy for everyone. The rate at which thousands of people apply for admission and not even half of them are granted admission so with what Adamu have said, going to school will be easy.



This is a great idea but I hope it will not be very difficult for the poor ones to get admission into universities because when there was Post Jamb, it was difficult, now scrapping it will make it tougher for people to go to school.



Scrapping of Post UTME will make admission more difficult for the common man. With Post UTME, they have no choice, they must give you admission if you score above their cut off mark. But now, admission will be based on connection, which means you have to bribe before you get admission or you have to know someone that has a strong connection in that university before you get admission.



Removing Post UMTE will only make going to school more difficult for the common man because with Post UTME, the school does not have a choice than to give the candidate admission if he passed the cut of mark but now, admission will be based on bribery and man know man which will not do any good to the education sector.



Adamu has touched the tail of many tertiary institutions and they must fight back. Though the policy is a good one but I hope it will not lead to ASUU strike because no more egunje (bribe) for tertiary institutions anymore.



Scrapping Post UTME is like denying the poor the right to be educated. Only the rich and those who are powerfully connected will be seen in schools. I do not support the idea, Post UTME helps schools to know eligible candidates for admission.

Now that it has been scrapped, we should expect hike in school fees.



This is a good one but if it works, It will be very difficult to get admission into the universities because they will only give admission to those who can pay huge amount of money and people related to their admin officers and lecturers.



It is a welcome idea, young secondary school leavers will not be stranded seeking admission for years. It will just ease admission process and give room for more Nigerians to be educated.



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