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Nigerians have been reacting to Buhari’s revelation that former President Goodluck Jonathan left empty treasury for him. While some urged the new president to simply move on, others berated him for crying wolf…


‘Nigeria has been broke for too long’


I am surprised that people are just learning that Nigeria is broke. Nigeria has been broke for too long. Many countries have infrastructure in place, workers salaries paid and yet some money in reserve.

Nigeria has zero infrastructure, salaries are owed and yet little or no money in reserve. There’s no country that can be as corrupt as Nigeria for so many years without being broke.


‘It is really a sad situation’


It reveals the carelessness, greediness and mismanagement of our leaders. If I may ask, what did they use the money to do? We don’t have good roads, no infrastructure in place, there is so much insecurity and the power sector is down. It means the money went into their pockets. It is really a sad situation.


‘I hope Buhari finds a way out of this’


It is almost unbelievable that a country as blessed as we are is broke as Buhari is claiming, to the point that the country’s treasury is empty. How do you explain that? And this is on top the fact that we are in debt. It then means that the Jonathan government was not only clueless, but also wasteful for five years. I just hope Buhari finds a way out of this, because he has to. We need to start seeing the change they made noise about.


‘It is really a sad thing’


It is really a sad thing. I want to believe Buhari and APC will come up with a way around it. I am thinking even that it may be exaggerated to make PDP really look bad, how can the country’s purse be empty? I do not believe someone with the experience and competence of Okonjo-Iweala can oversee such reckless spending. Considering the economy has been in comatose for some time and oil prices have fallen globally, it is quite understandable.


‘Let’s give him a chance’ -SENATOR NKECHI NWAOGU

I think we should give President Muhammadu Buhari enough time before we start judging him. He wouldn’t have said he met empty treasury. He was speaking in metaphorical terms.

But then, Nigerian really have serious financial problem.


‘Buhari is not ready to work’


I don’t care what the Presidency say about our finances. But the truth is Buhari is yet not ready to work. Nigeria may not have enough money to execute all her projects but the potential to generate money is there for any serious government.

I insist Buhari is just giving lame excuses. He’s not ready to work.


‘Buhari should stop parambulating’


Inheriting an empty treasury is not a new thing as far as this country is concerned. No one would come in and say he met full treasury. So, President Buhari should stop lamenting. He was aware of the situation before assuming office. We all know there is a problem on ground.

So, what we need now is solution. He should stop parambulating. Nigerians don’t like listening to excuses, we want results.


‘Buhari should not let us down’


It’s a pity that Buhari met a very dry economy. Everybody is aware that the past administration had performed woefully, and that’s why we all voted for change. And he is everybody’s hope. He should not let us down. We all pity him but it shouldn’t be new to him. We expect him to hit the ground walking if he can’t run.

No one expects Buhari to be crawling by now at all. He should begin to fight corruption transparently and bring back the country’s glory. We pray God will help him.

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