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Nigerians have been reacting to Buhari’s revelation that former President Goodluck Jonathan left empty treasury for him. While some urged the new president to simply move on, others berated him for crying wolf…


‘Buhari should do something about it’ -ABAYOMI ABIODUN

We are already aware that there is no money in the treasury, this is not the first time they will be saying that. What we should consider is what they should do about it.


‘Nigerians should be prayerful’ -ABRAHAM AJADI

It is the carelessness of our leaders. They have mismanaged the nation’s resources. Nigerians should be prayerful. If the right set of leaders come in, things will fall in place.


‘Let them work, not complain’ -HOPE ANYASO

The Nigerian government is notorious for giving excuses. And excuses never solve any problem. Only proactive and well thought action can. That’s what I expect Buhari and APC at this point in time, not name calling and painting the PDP government bad. They are now in the driving seat, let them work, not complain.


‘Nothing seems to be working’ -WALE OLAYANU

We are in dire times, my brother. I tell you, if prompt action is not taken to redress the situation with the economy, the falling naira, stock market, fall oil price, we might experience a revolution.

People are frustrated. Nothing seems to be working. You turn to the left, there’s fire. You turn to the right, same thing.


‘PMB’s deceiving us’ – FIDELIS DUKE

President Muhammadu Buhari shouldn’t deceive us with his claim of empty treasury. I believe Jonathan left over $30 billion in foreign reserve. The Excess Crude Account is also there. So, he has no excuse. PMB has serious work to do.


‘Jonathan and cronies looted our treasury’-GREAT IMO JONATHAN

For us in the APC, Jonathan and his cronies messed up things and left Nigeria in ruins. The alleged plundering of national revenue is being investigated and documented.

The defeated PDP should bury its head in shame for its failure to transform Nigeria after 16 years in power.

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