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Mixed Reactions trail killer poultry produce scare in Lagos (2)

Two weeks ago, the Lagos State Government, through the Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr. Toyin Suarau, alerted members of the public on the dangers of consuming exhumed and contaminated frozen poultry produce like chicken and turkey, presently being circulated around the state.

Mr. Suarau stated that the contaminated poultry produce were seized by men of the Nigeria Customs Service in Badary, Lagos, but were exhumed by unknown persons who might have sold the produce to unsuspecting consumers.

The Commissioner added that the imported poultry produce were preserved with chemicals like formalin which is poisonous and could lead to slow death without the knowledge of the consumer.

In this vein, ENCOMIUM Weekly went to more market places for a check with frozen produce sellers, to know if the news of the killer chicken and turkey has affected sales.

We also had a chat with women who purchase the produce to know if the news had stopped or affected their preference for frozen produce.



Mrs. Kate Okwara

I am still eating chicken and turkey. That is my husband’s favourite, I told him about it because I read it in the papers, he dismissed it and insisted he wants turkey. All I do is to boil it very well.


Mrs. Bello

I try to avoid turkey and chicken. My husband does not like them because of the story that has been in circulation that they are not healthy for comsumption. The last time I bought it, he complained bitterly ,so I had to stop it. I didn’t even hear that some were exhumed and are on sale. I would blame the Customs for that. They should have destroyed the goods before burial.


Madam Sekinat

My husband stopped me from buying chicken the moment he read the papers and saw the news. We’ve been sticking to just beef and fish.


Mrs. Aminat Balogun

I didn’t hear that some chicken were exhumed at all. The last pot of soup in my house had chicken. We rarely eat turkey. Really, it is just that the system is not good in this country, it is one of those Customs officers that would exhume it or pass the information around.

Can you imagine! How much would they make from it that is worth the lives of innocent people who would eat the product. I would suspend chicken and turkey for now.


Mrs. Adebanjo

Chicken and turkey have always been said to have one issue or the other over the years. I have been eating chicken and turkey and nothing has happened, and I know nothing would happen to my household.


Mrs. Olorunwa

We are still buying chicken in my house, anyway. We eat turkey once a while. It is only God that can help. What about if the exhumed produce didn’t come to our side. I try to maintain a positive attitude always. It doesn’t mean I should see a snake and step on it believing it would not bite, no. I will still continue to take turkey and chicken. I get tired of fish easily.


Mrs. Iyaniwura

We stopped eating it the day my husband read about the exhumed chicken and turkey. Prevention is better than cure. I will like to appeal to the government to do something about it. Many people will eat those chicken because they are not aware, preventive measures should be taken in such situation.


Mrs. Mary

My family and I haven’t stopped taking turkey. It is our favourite and we’ve been eating it. I even made a pot of turkey stew yesterday.


Mrs. Joseph

My family and I still consume chicken. I’ve heard and read the news about the killer chicken, but I believe there’s no cause for alarm.


Mrs. Alao

We still eat chicken, because it is what my husband prefers, especially when he’s home during the weekends.



Mummy Okey

We are still selling turkey and chicken. I didn’t hear the news at all. I know I will not buy such goods. My family also eat from what we sell. I need to stock more now. The goods I have have almost finished.


Mrs. Atilola

Once you are sure of your source, such contaminated produce cannot get to you. It is only the greedy that wants to make a lot of profit at once that would be unfortunate to collect such produce.


Mama Lola

Sales has not drop for one day. Though it is not all the time we make sales to our expectation, that is business for you. I believe it is just a rumour because people are still buying. If it were true, some people would shy away from it. Nigerians are more careful nowadays about their health.


Mrs. Bukola

People still eat chicken and turkey, the news hasn’t affected sales in any way. In fact, sales is on the increase, I think the news might be false, and a ploy to get people to stop eating imported chicken and turkey.


Ark of God frozen Store

We’ve been selling chicken and turkey, the sales is still normal. But I’ll be honest that some customers have told me about the news and I’ve assured them that I get my produce from a proper and honest source, they are my customers and they have never had any reason to complain about what I sell to them.


Mrs. Mercy

The news about killer chicken and turkey hasn’t altered or affected sales in any way, people have been buying chicken and turkey as usual and to the glory of God nobody has made any complaint.


Madam Arewa

Chicken and turkey have been selling steadily, and my customers have made no complaints.


Ona-Ara Frozen foods

Funny enough, I haven’t heard about the killer chicken and turkey, but business has been going on as usual, no decline in sales.


Mrs. Anthony

I heard the news last weekend, I was scared because I just ordered new goods based on demand, I thought the news would disuade people from buying, but it hasn’t affected sales one bit and no one has had any reason to make any complain, I thank God for that.


Mrs. Owoeye

The news hasn’t affected sales at all, I thank God for that, and by God’s grace no one would be sick or die from chicken or turkey because if that happens people would stop buying.


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