Mixed reactions trail number plate removal in Lagos State


The new method of vehicle number plate removal being adopted by the Lagos state Task Force, particularly for illegal parking of vehicles or obstruction of traffic, simply involves capturing the offence on video, removing the number-plate of the erring vehicles and putting a branded sticker on the windshield of the car to inform the owner/driver of such cars about their offence and invitation for trial at the Special Offences Mobile Court which may be sitting at any proximate local government office or at the Special Task office at Alausa in Ikeja.

In a statement jointly issued by the State’s Honourable Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Adeniji Kazeem and the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Steve Ayorinde, the State government said it was within the purview of the traffic law enforcement officers to identify violators of traffic laws and have them booked and tried according to the peculiarities of their offences without having to clamp their tyres or tow the vehicles.

“The technique that has been adopted by the Task Force is in line with International Best Practices which prefers issuance of tickets to erring offenders over clamp down or towing of vehicles that do not only cost both the government and erring drivers money but also clogs public spaces where such vehicles would have been kept,” the statement said.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of motorists across the state on the new development. In the chat, many of them revealed their pain since the implementation of the number plate removal. ”It’s a very bad development” many of them told our correspondent.


CHIDI CHUKWUEMEKA – It is a wrong idea, I won’t applaud that because when they remove the number plate of a vehicle, it means they have suspended the movement of that particular vehicle throughout that period. I don’t agree with towing of vehicles or removal of number plate, there must be an alternative to it. It will be better if they should write a fine ticket for traffic offenders, that is how it is being done in advanced countries.


SEGUN GEORGE- Its not a welcome idea, we are not saying they shouldn’t implement laws against traffic offenders, but this number plate removal is a way of extorting motorists. The government is putting a lot of burden on us as law. I believe the government can deal with traffic offenders in another way instead of number place removal or towing of vehicles. Even if the system will be adopted, after removing the number plate from the vehicle and the offender pleaded guilty, the government should make the fine reasonable, and not outrageous. I think this is not the right time to implement this law because of the situation of this country.


TAIWO HASSAN – The Lagos state government is just implementing unreasonable laws yearly. Both towing of vehicles and removal of number plate is not good. How do they want us to survive in this state? I think our dear Governor should have a rethink on this issue. Lagos state is a busy state, we don’t have enough parking space, how do you want people to cope.


BABA GANI – We are still talking about the same punishment in a different way. Instead of removing the number plate, let them tow the vehicle away. What is the essence of removing the number plate and you will still have to go to their office to pay the fine. If they say a vehicle is not rightly parked and they remove the number plate, that doesn’t change anything, let them tow it away.


MRS. ALIMI KHADIJAT – The government has done well by implementing the law. A lot of vehicles are parked on the road even when there is inscription of NO PARKING. Lagos state government is just stressing themselves by towing the vehicle away. I am very happy about the law because vehicles will be able to move freely on the way without obstruction.


ALHAJA JUMOKE SALAMI – I believe its a brilliant idea, no traffic law is as good as this. Though, it will still be stressful for the offender to get to their office and sort things out with them but I believe when alot of people are aware of this new traffic law, that will make them reason properly where they park. There won’t be illegal parking on the road again. But let the government make the fine reasonable them.


ALEGE SHOLA – This is not the right time for the government to implement this kind of law. Citizens are crying and suffering and they are implementing a law like this. Let them come back to their senses. Am not saying the law is bad but it shouldn’t be executed now.


JOHN GLORY – That is a very good law from the stable of Lagos state government. Gridlock is mostly caused by illegal parking of vehicles. If this law is rightly implemented, it will reduce traffic on our road. Towing of vehicle is just too stressful for the government but this new law will be executed in a more relaxed and stress free way.


FAJUYI ADEWALE – The idea of plate number removal is mind mending. The state government does not provide parking spaces. They  never concentrated on rehabilitating inner state roads.

There is little or no pipe borne water.

What’s the essence of extorting money from Lagosians. Though the state government is doing their its but more needs to be done before implementing such law.


OMONIYI PETER – Good move! Its a good idea to me. It will at least curb illegal parking, reduce over-head cost of towing vehicles to LASTMA garage, reduce traffic on our ever busy roads and also, increase the productivity of LASTMA as less officials will monitor the road since they will only be needed to remove plate numbers.

The Lagos State Government needs to procure electronic screw-drivers for them so it will be easier and faster for them to remove number plates.


SAMUEL OKECHUKWU – It’s not a good idea to screw out my number plate in my absence. This is a law without public awareness, I wasn’t aware there is something like that until it happened to my friend sometime ago. Its absurb because people are not aware about all this strange implementation. Many people just found themselves in the net without knowing their offense.


KOLADE BANTALE – It is a very bad development, government officials who are in charge will violate the law. They will use it to generate illegal money for themselves. Lagos state government needs to watch the activities of its officials if this will really work out fine. Lagosians can’t keep paying money into wrong hands.


SAMIAT JIMOH – To me, I don’t see anything bad in it. Government is only trying to curb wrong parking and other traffic offenses common among Lagosians. The only thing is the fine, the stress and the amount you will pay for parking wrongly should be affordable. The government needs to consider those who depend daily on their vehicle to survive in the state.

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