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Mixed reactions trail number plates removal in Lagos State (2)

The new method of vehicle number plate removal being adopted by the Lagos state Task Force, particularly for illegal parking of vehicles or obstruction of traffic, simply involves capturing the offence on video, removing the number-plate of the erring vehicles and putting a branded sticker on the windshield of the car to inform the owner/driver of such cars about their offence and invitation for trial at the Special Offences Mobile Court which may be sitting at any proximate local government office or at the Special Task office at Alausa in Ikeja.

In a statement jointly issued by the State’s Honourable Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Adeniji Kazeem and the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Steve Ayorinde, the State government said it was within the purview of the traffic law enforcement officers to identify violators of traffic laws and have them booked and tried according to the peculiarities of their offences without having to clamp their tyres or tow the vehicles.

“The technique that has been adopted by the Task Force is in line with International Best Practices which prefers issuance of tickets to erring offenders over clamp down or towing of vehicles that do not only cost both the government and erring drivers money but also clogs public spaces where such vehicles would have been kept,” the statement said.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of motorists across the state on the new development. In the chat, many of them revealed their pain since the implementation of the number plate removal. ”It’s a very bad development” many of them told our correspondent.


I’m totally against the idea of number plate removal in Lagos State for traffic offenders. The idea is good but the officials in charge are misusing the idea. They have turned it to an avenue to harass even innocent motorists. I think towing of vehicle is better compared to this one.

Two weeks ago, I was trying to stop at a particular bank to use the ATM when I realized the officials of the LASTMA were already taking pictures and removing number plates of some parked cars at the front of the bank. I was very annoyed. I had to drive off to avoid the same to my car.

The Lagos State government should look into this issue and help provide more parking spaces across the state.



I think the idea will help correct the recklessness of some motorists across the state. A lot of motorists in Lagos state lack those major driving rules. If you go around you will see vehicles wrongly parked yet the driver will claiming right.

I think this new development will help correct those act by motorist. It is a good idea to curb traffic logjam in Lagos state. Also, commercial drivers should be oriented about the designated bus stops across Lagos State.



It is a good idea. It’s stress free and will easily curb wrong parking and other traffic offences in Lagos State. Lagos state is, no doubt, one of the most populated cities in Africa. People keep bringing in vehicles every day. I think this idea will help drivers to think while driving so as to avoid traffic offences. I applaud the Lagos State government for this.



I used to think the idea was a good one until I fell victim. I was parking beside the road in Ikeja waiting for my friend who entered a shop to buy some things. Suddenly, I noticed some LASTMA officials were already taking pictures of my car and trying to screw out my number plate.

I tried to stop them to call their attention to see what’s going on but no luck. At the end of it all, I paid N20,000 to get back my number plate. The idea is biased so to say. As at the time my number plate was srewed out, there was a rickety car parked behind my car but the official never touched it.

I think the Lagos State government should look into the activities of officials if they truly want this to work out.



I don’t like the idea at all, it’s just a way of generating more money into the pockets of the LASTMA officials. They are violating the instructions given to them. I have a shop at Ogba, I can’t even take my car to my shop just because there is no parking space.

If I try to park at the front of my shop, something like this may happen. I think clamping of vehicles is still better compared to removing number plate.



The idea is okay and the fine is also reasonable. N20,000 or a community service is not too much for violating a traffic rule. This will make our roads free from illegal parking.



N20,000 fine is just too much. The gravity of the offence does not warrant this kind of money. Lagos state government wants to use this medium as a means of generating more revenue.



Is it a crime to drive a car in Lagos state? The harassment people get from this, is out of hand. The LASTMA officials should try and be considerate in their actions.



This will at least curb illegal parking on our high ways. It will reduce traffic gridlock on our roads and it will also reduce the overhead cost of towing vehicles to LASTMA garage. To avoid embarrassment, let us park where we ought to park.




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