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Mixed reactions trail reduction in pump price of petrol

Nigerians, especially Lagosians, are not yet enjoying the reduction in the pump price of petrol as announced by the spokesman of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Ndu Ughamadu.

Since the announcement, mixed reactions have not stopped trailing the said reduction in pump price.

Speaking with in an opinion poll conducted on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, Lagosians lamented that the reduction has not taken effect. 

Here are some of their responses


Ifeoma Obi

I still bought petrol yesterday and it was N145. I hope it would take effects very soon. Nigerians need it, times are just too hard for us here.


Timothy Oladele

I also read it in the papers but I have not bought fuel at a reduced price. I bought this morning and it was N145.


Sunday Awojobi

I have been buying at N143 at one MRS station since last week. I cherish that N2:50k difference, I pray it would further crash.


Daniel Jones

I have not bought at N140 yet but I have bought at N142 per litre. I hope it would get to N140 soon.


Ndubusi Uchendu

I don’t trust them, they are saying the price has crashed as if it is now N100. It is better to take it to that price before they can be saying it has crashed. Ask around to see how many people have bought it at a reduced price.


Kemi Ajayi

I bought on Saturday at MRS and it was the usual price I used to buy it. I am even hearing it for the first  time that there is a crash in price.


Joy Agho

Yes, I have bought it at a reduced price but the difference is not much. I bought it at N143 per litre. They were saying it as if the price has crashed to N120. I think they still have more work to do.


Frank Umoru

Ask them if it is N140 in their village because I have not bought it at that price over here.


Adejoba Ola

It is just propaganda, fuel price has not reduced a bit.


NNPC said their sustained strategic intervention in the efficient supply and distribution of petroleum products has led to a significant reduction in the prices of premium motor spirits. The spokesman of the corporation, Ndu Ughamadu said in a statement on Sunday, September 3, 2017. According to him, NNPC mega and affiliate stations are selling for N143 per litre while pump price in other stations range between N142 and N144 per litre.



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