Mixed reactions trail refund of Post-UTME fees

The Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu has directed all tertiary institutions that have conducted the 2016 Post – Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (Post-UTME) to immediately refund money taken from candidates for the purchase of the form.

This is coming weeks after the Federal Government scrapped the Post-UTME saying that it has confidence in Jamb and no other form of examination after a candidate has written jamb should be conducted by institutions before admission.

In a statement issued by Deputy Director, Press and Public Relations of the ministry, Ben Bem Goong, the ministry declared that Post-UTME examinations already conducted by some institutions are null and void, threatening that any institution caught still conducting the examination under any guise would be sanctioned.

According to the statement, “The ban is with immediate effect, and under no circumstance should any institution violate the directive. Every educational institution after secondary education is regarded as a tertiary institution. Therefore, all tertiary institutions, polytechnics, colleges of education, universities or by whatever names it is called after secondary education must be subjected to admission through the Jamb.

At the end of probationary admission by Jamb, the candidates can be cleared (screened) for final admission. For any institution with a shortfall in admission, such institution can revert to jamb for supplementary admission.”

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of students, especially admission seekers about the new development. In the chat they revealed their take about the conduct of Post-UTME in their chosen institutions and applauded the federal Government for putting a stop to the exploitative act of many institutions…



Yes, it’s good. Of what use is Post UTME when schools also take bribe from students all in the name of admission. They have disguised. It’s under the cover of Post UTME screening, so they can extort students. I am happy about the decision. Thank you, Mallam Adamu.



I will not say I am happy about the decision if it will not affect my admission, but to think of it, there is nothing to be scared about Post UTME. If you are sure you wrote your JAMB yourself, why not sit for the exams. I have already written mine.



I am not happy about the scrapping of Post UTME. Mallam Adamu knows what he is doing. He does not want the best for us at all, rather he wants us to keep wasting money on JAMB every year.



Has JAMB bribed him? Many people manipulate their way to get good JAMB results and Post-UTME is the only way admission can be sure for the poor. I don’t know why Nigerian government is full of rubbish. He should stop comparing us with the time he was forced to go to school.



Yes, this is a good one. The Federal Government should visit Delta State University (DELSU) because their Post UTME exam is on July 1 and 2. That means they are going against the law.



Yes, it is good but refunding the money is the problem. How would the applicants be able to get their money back because some schools will not want to comply.



Federal Government has only said theirs because UNIPORT and RSUST have started collecting fees for Post UTME. Now, UNIPORT is charging N5,000 while RSUST is charging N7,000. This is bad and for that fact that the Federal Government has said no to it, they should at least respect the government’s decision.



Yes, I am happy about it because going to school is now open. That means DELSU has violated the Federal Government’s directive by conducting Post UTME so they should be sanctioned.



Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu, please, can you match your words with action by ordering University of Port Harcourt that collected N5,000 from candidates to refund same, because this is day light robbery. Please, anybody who has the minister’s contact should draw his attention to UNIPORT exploiting candidates.



This is a good development. Kudos to the minister for this great correction because this has lingered for a very long time. God bless Nigeria.



This is no good idea to me. It is only the lazy student that will jubilate because the poor masses will not be able to have or say when it comes to getting good and quality education. Admission will be based on man know man and bribery will become worse. So, it is not a thing to celebrate.



This is another means of depriving the poor of good education because JAMB is full of fraud and Post UTME is the only way you can know the intelligent ones. So, why remove it because it is the voice of the poor. Well, I will simply advice students like me to involve themselves in one trade or the other or one skill or the other because the government is only bent on making things difficulty for the poor.



For me, I have nothing to say because no matter how I complain, the government has already made its decision and they are not ready to reverse it. So, if they mean we students well, so be it and if they don’t, so be it too.



It is a good idea scrapping Post-UTME and it is another good news that schools will have to refund money collected for Post-UMTE. My own concern is how will schools refund the money? They won’t because the Federal Government will not monitor the refunding process to every student who had paid for the exam.

My own opinion is that there should be a platform created by the Federal Government, where students can report this fraudulent activities called Post-UTME. I can tell you that many students have paid for the Post-UTME after the Federal Government had announced the scrapping of the examination.

My fear as a student is if we don’t comply with the school order, the Federal Government will not be there to give us admission. So, I don’t blame those who have already purchased the form. We just hope that Nigerian institutions and the ministry will understand each other one day.



It is a good move but I’m confused. I don’t understand the whole scenario anymore. Months ago, I was preparing for Post-UTME when the Federal Government announced the scrapping of the exam. I was surprised when I heard some schools were writing Post-UTME. It was even a shock when the institution I applied announced the sale of Post-UTME forms.

I have paid for the exam, and the exam will hold in three weeks. Now that the Federal Government has announced the refund of Post-UTME money, I don’t know where I belong.

My question for you is, who’s powerful, institutions or Federal Government? I think they are trying to mislead students because I still don’t understand why schools will give orders and Federal Government will give counter order. Its baffling, they should sit together and have a rethink.



University of Port Harcourt already took N6,000 for Post-UTME form and the form was sold to over 10,000 students. How would they refund that type of money in Nigeria? It has never happened. Immigration recruitment money is yet to be refunded. I think Nigerian institutions and the Federal Government do not understand each other.

Left to us as students, we will have to follow instructions by the schools because they will be the ones to decide our admission not Federal Government.



I was surprised at this news. It is like medicine after death. Where was Mr. Adamu when schools were collecting money and conducting Post-UTME. The Federal Government should have sanctioned those schools that violated the government’s order and not coming out to announce their lapses to us. It is absurd.


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