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Mockery greets Seun Egbeegbe’s feeble denial of iPhone theft

The denial of the theft of  9 iPhone handsets by movie marketer and socialite Seun Egbeegbe has been greeted with mockery.
The statement of the estranged lover of Nollywood star actress Toyin Aimakhu on the issue on Tuesday, November 22 night, has been labelled a bad script that was not carefully thought out.
His statement reads :

“My attention has been drawn to an online publication of the aforementioned. The story is pretty laughable and better left in the court of public opinion. Ordinarily, 1 do not want to join issues with the writer of the publication but I have a responsibility to set the records straight for my fans, friends and foes , in the defence of the truth. .
To say the least, the news did not only grossly misinform unsuspecting public; it also portrays traces of campaign of calumny by some mercenary hirelings hell bent in destroying my name, for reasons best known to them. .
Having read with keen interest the completely self-serving spirited attempt to destroy my person, it has become imperative and timely that a rejoinder is written to state the fact clearly. .
I want to state here categorically and emphatically that though I was at Computer Village to address some issues, but I was never arrested for stealing 10 iPhone 7s, as stated by the writer of the story, the matter has since been resolved by the Nigeria Police; and the issue of me stealing phone is devilish from the said writer.
Furthermore, It is rather unfortunate that the said writer will amount to cheap blackmail to deceive the unsuspecting public with a view of gaining cheap popularity. .
It is germane to note that I am a charitable, humane, and grass root person, who has exhibited selflessness in communal service, which have used as a veritable tool for social development. .
Finally, I wish to inform the general public to discard the report. I am presently at home relaxing!”

But onlookers are not impressed.
Here are their views:

  • miiz_teemahHe is a lying shild
  • itzoluwatobbylobaOle thieffffffffff
  • murirightI wish they’ve burnt him. You’re lucky, the 7 yr old was burnt because of garri you na iPhone. Ole
  • seunomis@temms.jaji😂😭😂😂aswear down. Simple yes or no. Plus how is his face battered and why is he carrying 8iphones
  • see__bissypoundsGod go punish Nigeria police ‘ olofo people
  • saintomiAssuming he is not a celeb…they would av done worst than this to him..ole jatijati
  • olujidesonubiThis crazy thief. luck ran against him this time, he almost defrauded my younger brother 2weeks ago at yes mobile using the same trick ‘my money is in the car’ .He should have been burnt to death.
  • kossyonyekeluAll dis big grammar he is blowing will not save him, u stole the phones, anyways is it my iphones
  • ramayst… Lobatan!!! The person no help am write say nah photo shop nii…..omale jatijati
  • _tobison1I don’t get all this gagacious unexplained story. like this guy have not made any point here bla bla bla next pls——-😳😳
  • _lateepha_This is so SHAMEFUL omg😩😩😂😂
  • oladimejitolulope@iamdudusnehno mind am oniro
  • cuteceechickThief dey employ writer, na wa oooo.
  • sirsutoI can see Wole Soyinka right here….anyway this na Naija..they will actually cover the real story ,what about the bleeding mouth?
  • reasignatureI’m not understanding oo
  • askmrcrabbbbb4luvOle jatijati 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • jossidu@_tobison1you sef your English no go let us come understand. Make una two calm dan na
  • see__bissypoundsPls someone shld send us video of how they beat him jawe 😀😀😀
  • v_folzYour fans?who sabi u…..if no b Ur celeb ex gf….hahahaha……And wait o….u had to employ a lecturer in gibberish to help u write all these…..Lmao…..the jagons is too ambigious…….Wen are u visiting ur jazzman?And the so called statement u didnt justify whether you stole it or not and u didnt narrate how it all unfolded…..(your part of the story)eventhough its all gunna be lies
  • doyenstitchesYou steal Abi you no steal am….this is your pic we are seeing here
  • cuteceechick@omotolani_it’s true now, if he didn’t steal why was he beaten.
  • yemisi211Come nd read d story for d god’s o
  • kejitarianWerey ni bobo yi😂😂😂. Shameless man
  • jay2dboyYou are home chilling abi? No you for talk say dem photoshop your head put..! Oh so you admitted you were at computer village, so what happened afterwards..? The bleeding from your mouth? Anyways I know for sure say them help you write this grammar..but all the many grammar, still doesn’t explain anything. And you had better be home chilling..Red flags everywhere!!👀😳
  • missokhifo@jossiduLooool r u minding him?? Using bad English to try to confuse people
  • dramacydal29.. This only fortifies the fact the theft story is actually true
  • mzorenteWho wrote this for u seun egbegbe?ole oshi.
  • kingdavid02Well I jst called some1 in computer village nw coz I wonder why they’ll put up stories like this but trust me, the guy I called told me it’s true but he wasn’t there but they told him some1 was caught yesterday! Him don sort police…hahaha
  • king__namoHow can someone put in so much effort into saying nothng. Ogbeni wetin happen?
  • mme_komeStoryyyyy😂😂😂
  • itshayboyYou know u F*CKD up right ??
  • fdasolaThanks to Prof. Wole Soyinka for taking the time to write this letter on his behalf. Was the bloodied mouth part of the script?
  • houseof_meliAyam not understanding
  • _tobison1@jossidulol eyah get your self a dictionary then cos my comment is simple and explainable 🤔😝
  • simmylizzy_holmes@hotylionessim sure he hired someone
  • cocos_touch@eknoreda@teda__ what is he saying?so were was this pic gotten from? Ahhhan!!! Only if he can explain how the pic was gotten den we wld understand better… cos this statement sef no get head… didn’t explain anyfin atall
  • chinny_005Dem for allow am write the statement by himself na.
  • kulgudofiaSo why was he beaten? A publicity stunt?
  • nureinl@cocos_touchI swear the statement no get head. He paid someone to write it for him… And the person self don overuse and abuse the choice of words…. Haba
  • _aijayLeave English 😂 This pic says alot..
  • ogochukwuokekeShow us pishur of you relaxing in your house with you lips you broke mistakenly in the bath tub 😶
  • officialirenedutchSo why blood full your mouth😕
  • oyerin3Is this statement good enough to exonerate you
  • isomi24All dis long stories, and I still dont get any reasonable info abt way happened yesterday.
  • ms_digsChange ur babalawo for misleading you then change ur lawyer for writing such pointless epistle with unnecessary grammar
  • jayeazy47@sweetpea2k4emmmm this na movie script for Sam loco… 🤔 pls bear with him
  • ronkifydMayb d pics was photo shoped or wot, am rili not understanding
  • omobachilayOnly if he had a better publicist… release so wack
  • titilade_aMr seun your English is not sound for you to write this.. Ole ni yin sir
  • genespotless111😂😂😂😂😂 who wrote this publication def not Seun Egbegbe cos the one I knw cannot write one complete sentence in English without making blunders….
  • tarejunathanMsheew he shouldn’t have said anything, his statement made it worse because it couldn’t exonerate him. Plus what does he have to say about the pictures and people who said they were at the scene. Please I don’t believe jare he should come out with something better.
  • cabs_coutureHow did Toyin Aimakhu date dis man..,nawa oo,women too dey folo chop shit.He doesn’t evn speak sound simple English..,nd now his writing literary dictionary English..,Nawa ooo
  • official_rachealSEUN shey na by force to do big boy…..olosi,oleeeeee
  • djsoulchild15Thief my guy phone say hin no know, thief ole carry am go, 7 iPhone 7 my guy u no dey fear ??? 2shots 2000
  • sirflow_15Joker Egbon seun work on ur tactic next time u have another mission 😀😀😀😀
  • that_sassymomI’m sorry all I read was English clearly not written by him and not even explaining anything about the pic….to say it was a upcoming movie location is more believable than all these….
  • oloori…Mr Egbegbe d story might not be true, which is y I dnt understand d wound on ur lips and d official statement coz am sure u didn’t write dat…
  • dayoadebamowoBoth the early report and even this disclaimer are false. Reporter should say the truth without afikun and Seun , please be sincere and stop beating around the bush. Your disclaimer is not hitng the nail on the head
  • damola_adelaniHe even stole English 😂😂😂
  • eeefy1Emmmm sir, m not understanding 😀😀😀 u thief fone# yes or no??
  • candylukzAs My mum would say….. A Lie is sweeter when told in English…..and in this case decorated with Grammer. We understand
  • keji_logiqAnd this is why some people insisted they should strip him naked yesterday. Na wah o.
  • ketchyleeU stole the phone hoohaa !!! Ur new name is now TUFIAKWA !!! And to think Toyin dated this thing !!! Another TUFIAKWA to u 😂😂😂😂
  • dou_mrsMtcheww what is he saying?

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