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Moji Olaiya finally laid to rest

The body of late beautiful role interpreter Mojisola Christiana Raimot Olaiya was finally laid to rest today (Wednesday, June 7, 2017) at Ebony private vault in Ikoyi, Lagos state.

The 42 year old thespian died in the early hours of Thursday, May 18, 2017, due to perceived birth complications. Moji Olaiya died barely two months after the birth of her second child, a  baby girl (Mariam  Odutola) who is about 18 years younger than her elder sister. This, however, made majority of people who heard about her death to conclude that she might have suffered some complications during her child delivery far back in Canada because of her age.

According to Islamic rites, one would have thought she would be buried almost immediately, but the reverse was the case, when her first daughter, Adunoluwa insisted that her mum be brought home for burial.

With this, Nigerians, most especially Yoruba movie lovers and Moji Olaiya fans looked forward to when she would journey back home finally.

The day came today and the needful was done. Before the interment today, the artists night was done in her honour on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, at the Blue Roof, LTV 8, Ikeja, which had in attendance virtually all the Yoruba movie practitioners.

Today, as expected, was like a parade of artists as the colleagues of the late filmmaker showed up to pay their last respect to one of their own.

Today marks her final sojourn on earth as she was dedicated to mother earth.

The programme which was scheduled for 10 am didn’t start until some minutes before 11am. Before going deep into the programme, family members, friends and sympathisers were asked to go into the room to see her corpse.

Afterwards, the clerics took over the programme. There was a show of emotions as the Alfa reciting the Quran burst in tears and wailed. This caught most by surprise as no one knew what was wrong. The senior cleric addressed the gathering saying everyone would have been crying if only they knew what the Alfa was reciting. He further explained that Moji Olaiya had ones sprayed the wailing Alfa while he was reciting the noble Quran in their mosque just because she was impressed by the way he recited it. This, he claimed, is the main reason he brought him to recite the holy Quran at her fidau. He later explained the meaning of the recitation and most people present could not hold back their tears as they rolled freely down their cheeks.

After much waiting, the corpse was brought to the hall and according to Islamic rite, the clerics, joined by Muslim faithful among the gathering prayed on the body.

The cleric then prayed for the deceased and did a sort of reminders to aid the deceased in answering questions in her grave according to Islamic belief.

Then, the body was taken to the grave, her final resting place.

At the grave side, the cleric did another reminder and urged everyone present to declare to the family immediately or after the burial, if by any chance they owe the deceased anything (cash or any other items) or vice versa so as to ‘clear’ the road for her easy access to her new abode.

The cleric proceeded with a final prayer for the dead and she was lowered in her grave after which dust was given to dust at around 12:50 pm.



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