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Moji Olaiya’s delayed burial is allowed in Islam – Scholar assures

Islamic scholar and Imam, Ikeoluwa Central mosque, Powerline, Orile – Agege (Lagos), Alfa Abduwaheed Akomolesin, has cleared the air on the circumstance delaying the burial of star actress Raheemat Mojisola Olaiya, as to whether she can still be buried according to  Islamic injunctions whenever her body arrives Nigeria from Canada where she passed on two weeks ago.
He stated categorically that the late thespian will be accorded all her due rites as a Muslim any time her body is brought back home since she has no power over whatever happens after she has gone back to Allah, her Creator and to Whom all of us shall return.
“Yes, Moji Olaiya can still be buried according Islamic injunctions no matter how long her corpse is delayed in Canada. She had no choice of where and when she would breathe her last. It’s only God that can determine when and where a soul will end its journey on earth. And no matter what happens now, the woman knows nothing again other than where she faces.
“Although, sharia enjoins us to bury our Muslim brother or sister wherever the end comes immediately even if it’s on the sea and we discover that such a body can be emanating offensive odour before getting to our destination, it’s still not out of place to bring Moji’s body for burial in Nigeria  based on certain circumstances that might have surrounded the incident.
“But such a body must not be delayed any further before it should be buried. We all know before Moji’s corpse could be released from the hospital in Canada. A lot of procedures will be involved and it may take some time before the whole process can be completed.
“Also, there may be need from the family to ascertain the cause of her death. That’s another reason the burial can still be delayed. So, any time the body arrives Nigeria, she will still be buried in accordance with Islamic injunctions. There’s nothing wrong in that.
“We’re all aware that Senator Isiaka Adeleke was not even buried the day he died because of the protest that arose as a result of his sudden departure which warranted delaying his burial. And he was buried after autopsy. That does not mean he would be denied his burial rites as a Muslim. The same thing goes for Moji Olaiya.
“And one other thing people don’t understand is that whether or not we bury the dead, it doesn’t deny the deceased Allah’s blessing if the person dies a true Muslim.”
Moji Olaiya passed away in Canada on Thursday, May 18, 2017. There was an earlier plan to bury the beautiful actress in Canada as well, but there was a twist later as her elder daughter, Adunola was said to have insisted on flying her mom’s remains  back home for burial.This has since kept the body of the talented role interpreter in Canada while efforts were said to be in top gear to bring it to Nigeria any time soon.
– TADE ASIFAT for encomium.ng

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