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Months after bitter separation, ZAKKY AZZAY’s wife, HADIZA celebrates life @ 31


‘Zakky is history, I have moved on’

HADIZA, the pretty estranged wife of music star, Zakky Azzay, says she has moved on, months after she ran out of her matrimonial home for sake of dear life.  Talking excitedly about life at 31, the ebony-skinned delectable lady and mother of three children – Zara, Didoo and Mimi – revealed this much to ENCOMIUM Weekly at a lavish birthday party she staged on Saturday, October 26, 2013 to mark the special day in her life.

Hadiza, who admitted she is badly missing her daughter, Zara, still in the custody of her estranged hubby, appealed to him to release her.

Sometime in 2012, Hadiza accused Zakky of turning her to a ‘punching bag.’  According to her, she had to split with the popular musician so she wouldn’t die young.  And before heading to court to dissolve her marriage of over eight years, Hadiza had filed a case of domestic violence at Project Alert on Violence Against Women.  They are still investigating the matter.  Zakky who has denied battering the mother of his children has, however, restrained from trading words with his estranged wife.  And months after they parted ways, Hadiza who clocked 31 (on Saturday, October 26, 2013) has now confided in ENCOMIUM Weekly she is happier without Zakky and has moved on…


Congratulations, Hadiza.  How does it feel to clock 31 today (Saturday, October 26, 2013)?

Thank you, Sir.  Oh, I feel so, so excited.  I’m so grateful to God for keeping me for these 31 years on planet earth.  It is not a mean feat.  I’m grateful.  I have three kids at my age.  Seriously, God has been faithful.

What are you most grateful to God for at this young age, apart from your children?

I’m grateful to God for keeping me alive.

Zaaki Azzay 2What made this year’s celebration unique?

You know at times, you are moved to do something, but this one is unique in the sense that I wanted my friends like you and my family to come together, eat, drink and celebrate with me.  It’s something I haven’t done for ages.  Even when I was married, I didn’t do anything like that.  But when I was with my dad, I did something like this.

Is this the first birthday you are celebrating since you left Zakky?

Yes, this is the first birthday.

Have you got any regret at 31?

For me, I have no regrets in life.  God put challenges in front of us. It all depends on how you come out of it. Like my case, it was just a trying period for me, but it came out for me fine.  Everything has been good.

Did you set any target, say at 25 or 30, I would have achieved this or that?

If you are talking about my earliest targets in life, I have achieved most of them, being married, having my children. But you know there would have been the regret of not being with your husband and the family.  Yet, I have no regrets at all.  One has to be happy.  In a place you are not happy, you have to move on.  You have to do something for the children.  Things keep getting better.

You seem to be happier and better now?

(Laughs) Yeah, why won’t somebody be happy?  If you were in bondage before and now you are loosened, you would definitely fly.  You are more like a lion being released from its den.  So, I’m happy.  As you can see, I’m getting fresher and smiling every day. God has been faithful.

So, we can say you have truly moved on?

Yes.  I have moved on. One has to take a bold step in life.  It’s close to two years now.  And how time flies.  Zakky is doing his thing, I’m doing my thing. I wish him well.  Very soon, I know I will be with my daughter, Zara, who is still with him.  Who holds a mother’s child from her for a very long time?  A child  is eight years old and still with her father.  And you don’t want her mother to see her. Well, that is his issue.  The court will settle that.

What is the latest development from the court?

The matter is still on.  Everything has been well.  We would be in court next month.

imagesThe last time we spoke with you, you said you have been taking care of the children without a kobo from Zakky.  Is that still the case now?

Nothing has changed but the Lord has been good and faithful.  It wasn’t easy in the beginning.  But God has proven to me, ‘Hadiza, go forth I’m with you.’  One needs to get closer to God. In fact, my name is faith because that is what has kept me strong.  I have been greatly favoured by God.

What’s your word for all your associates, family and all that came to rejoice with you?

I’m so, so happy.  My prayer is that God would bless all of them. In fact, the turn-out was good. People have been coming since morning. I’m pleased and blessed.  And I wouldn’t take it for granted.

What is the sweetest message you got at your birthday?

I got a call from my parents and my children woke up early in the morning and sang happy birthday for me.  They also designed a card for me.  My children keep me.  God is always there for us, too.

What more do you want from God?

Beautiful things.  I want a serious breakthrough to take me to where I want to be. I have a dream.  I know every day, God chooses people to bless.  And the set time for me is now, although it is a gradual process.

How far have you gone with your aspiration to be a thespian?

It is going on smoothly.  I have gone for some auditions in so many places.  It has been good.  Very soon, I would be there, by God’s grace.  I want to see myself acting with star actresses like Mercy Johnson, Omotola Ekeinde, Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Dominic, all our stars and the guys, too.


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