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‘More babies? I don’t know’ – 2Face as he supports premature babies

Nigerian music icon, 2F1ace Idibia was recently in Accra, Ghana, to give support, create awareness and help to raise funds for premature babies in Africa. As the celebrity ambassador for the Little Big Soul’s Foundation, he stressed on the need to help raise funds for premature babies because some of the great people on the surface of the earth were preterm but turned out to be successful, healthy and fully grown.

He added that many of the preterm babies would have made it if the necessary steps were taken but it’s so sad that many families have been thrown into a sad state due to lack of care for the babies. Therefore, he felt the need to come on board, to help create awareness so others in the position to help would also come on board and prevent further death of preterm babies.

Asked why he is so passionate about this worthy course, he cited the case of a former neighbour who gave birth to a preterm and when he saw a premature baby for the first time, he was touched and scared for the baby, who eventually died because the tot couldn’t get the necessary and adequate medical care. He added that seeing his neighbour crying so much over the loss of her baby really got to him, and now that he is in a position to help, definitely he would give his total support and also implore anybody who is in the position to come forward and help put an end to the unfortunate situation in Africa in general.

Speaking on his career, the African Queen hit maker said he doesn’t see himself as a successful musician yet. Though he is grateful for his fans and to God for where he is now, the music industry is not where he wants it to be as per the structure and the entertainment industry as a whole. Though he feels musicians are gradually gravitating towards that mark, they are definitely not there yet. He added that the institution in this part of the world still needs to work on piracy, copyright infringements, etc and until all of those are put in place, he doesn’t see himself as a successful artiste.

On his female fans and admirers making passes at him, he said he knows it won’t stop due to the nature of the job, but its left for him to handle and manage himself very well because some of the ladies just want to express their love for his music and it is being misinterpreted, though sometimes it is actually a case of lust or infatuation, but it’s all about how he handles the situation.

As a family man, he said much as he would love to spend more time with his family, his job, however, takes him away most of the time and sometimes he spends only two days in a month in the house, but he tries as much as possible to create time for his family, despite his busy schedule.

The controversial star artiste was also asked if he would be having more babies with his beautiful and supportive wife, Annie Idibia. He responded “More babies? Well, I don’t know, still calculating. In Africa, you never stop counting babies until you stop, but I’m good, just kidding”

He rounded off by asking Africans to stand up and seek change because everybody needs to come together to build a better future for the continent.

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