More businesses crumble, economy falls off a rocky cliff as petrol scarcity maims

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The economy fell off a rocky cliff, damaging and maiming more small and medium scale businesses as fuel scarcity torments all. The essential commodity which oils enterprises was scarcer than ever, selling far above the recommended retail price of N86.50 per litre with kilometer long queues wherever available.

As more businesses suffer, with legions in coma, hardly able to produce at all or offer services, scaling down and disengaging staff, there’s no respite in the horizon.

Today (Tuesday, April 5, 2016), the scarcity bites harder, with fewer petrol stations (one in ten) dispensing, with queues, at least three or more kilometers long, and more anguish to boot.

Nigerians are moaning and groaning, complaining of the unbearable hardship which has been multiplied by electricity outages and skyrocketing costs.

Many have described this present hardship as similar to living in hell on earth.

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