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More jibes for IGP over  misguided ban on buying petrol with jerry cans

Many Nigerians are still discombobulated over the bizarre directive from the Inspector General of Police, Solomon E. Arase, that henceforth, Police should arrest anybody found selling petrol and other petroleum products in plastic container.

The IGP, who issued the directive in Abuja on Monday (April 25), warned fuel attendants at filling stations to desist from selling petrol into jerry-can/plastic container, adding that both the buyers and the sellers of the products will be arrested and prosecuted under the law.

Compatriots who depend on the product, as scarce as it is, to run generators for their businesses and homes since there is little or no electricity supply have continued to express dismay at the highly insensitive and silly directive.


Read citizen’s reactions on IGP Arase’s Jerry can law…

Sonny Ehimika – Instead of the Inspector General of Police to tell Nigerians how he will stop the diversion of petroleum products to Cameroon and Chad, all he has to say is how to stop sale of petrol in jerry cans in a country where there is no electricity , and knowing that the terrorism of generating sets day and night is a by product of the shameful inability of government to provide power for the people who gave them power.

Achilleus-Chud Uchegbu – It is the patriotic duty of citizens to disobey every idiotic law, or, order. I did this morning. I bought petrol in jerry can. You to should do the same to let IGP Arase know that he was not wearing his thinking cap when he made that yeye order….mtcheeeew!

Afolabi Akinsiku – Why this fire brigade approach! Simple economic theory is at play – where Demand is higher than Supply, there will be scarcity, prices will go up and lead to blackmarketering. Let FGN increases supply and let IGP faces the issue of security. I expect Press Release on the Fulani killings.

Alaska M. Tokurah – Solomon Arise abi na Arase, those buying petrol in Jerry cans are not the problem nor cause of fuel scarcity. Gather your testicles together and pump your liver and go after the Cabals who are the real and only problem of the petroleum sector.

Folaranmi Chinyere – When we have 24/7 power supply and enough fuel, you will not need to arrest anybody because you can’t find any to arrest.

Abodunrin Funsho Timothy – I think this man should order nepa to bring light .‪#‎rubbishtalk

Sanitarian Moruf Adedayo Badmus – IGP Solomon Arase should stop chasing the shadow, and face the realities, does he expect Nigerians to now carry generators, grinding machines and other devices to the petrol station all in the name of trying to curb black marketers. ….I’m sure he’s confused, and should be cautioned.

Odili Emeka – Does IGP Arase think before he talks, I haven’t had light for almost 2weeks now and petrol stations also refuse to sell in kegs, now the question is where does police wants us to get fuel? I guess in police station.

Olasunbo Osikoya – May God deliver us from the hand of the unreasonable leaders. No electricity in this hot weather yet the ban on the means to use generator.

Samuel Daniel Uneku – So how do you expect Nigerians to power their generators in the face of total breakdown of our power generation and distribution, the worst ever in the history of Nigeria?? I advice you to face the major challenge at hand which is the fulani herdsmen.

Oluwole Samuel Akinleye – Is dat the solution? Another avenue for the police to extort & harass innocent citizens.

Iyke Moses – Mr I.G, you must be ready to prosecute even all your village people & family members bcos they also buy fuel in jerry cans for their generators.

Ufi Uzono – So small businesses would have to pack up because of crass incompetence on the part of the petroleum ministry? OMG!

Oseni Olalekan Naim – Na wa ooo, what we masses that can’t afford the bill of a solar system machine? How will I be charging my “palasa” phone when I can’t buy fuel in jerry-can? IG think am well well ooo.

Diyo Muhammed Ochi – I think this guy is crazy! Hw does he want the Generator users to get fuel for their use. This directive will not stand.

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