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More evidence of connivance by Evans’ wife emerges

Uchenna Precious Onwuamadike, the 31 year old wife of arrested billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudumeje Onwuamadike (more popularly known as Evans), knew her husband’s ways were crooked…and enjoyed the spoils of his crime all the way.
More evidence are emerging that the mother of 5 children from Oraifite (in Anambra state) was well aware that the sources of the kingpin’s riches could not be logically explained.
For one, she admitted living apart for most of their 13 year marriage. And this has been ruled as deliberate so as to keep her far away from the long arms of the law.
What’s more, there are many facts cropping up to corroborate her criminal conspiracy.
And here are some of them as compiled by

1. She got Ghanaian passport in 2013 under the false name of Precious Asare.
There’s nothing wrong in having dual citizenship, but when names are changed and documents forged it becomes an offence.
At the time she got the passport, she had only lived in Ghana for three years (by her own account). And was therefore ineligible as a 6 year continuous stay makes one eligible, among other requirements.
2. She also knows that her husband got a passport issued on January 10, 2013. So did two of her children.
Her husband who’s 36 claimed he’s 39 (born on April 20, 1978). He also used a fake name of Asare Nelson.
So, she surreptitiously participated in the forgery.
If her children are born in Ghana they are eligible to have the passport. But we’re they?

3. She painted a picture of a long suffering wife who scraped by.
But evidence suggests that she lived large, driving choice vehicles.
She even had N20 million wired to her in Ghana a few days before her husband was arrested on Saturday, June 10. And she claimed it was for rent and furniture. Who rents a house that expensive and furnishes it so lavishly?

4. The house in Accra belied the plight of those deprived.
The Spintex Road house was described as palatial by all standards.

5. She kept away from her family and in laws.
That suggests she was avoiding scrutiny as no one knew anything about her.
She even missed her father’s burial in 2014!

6. She lived in Magodo for a year, and closed her eyes to Evans’ crime.
Some of the appurtenances of crime littered the 3 Fred Shoboyede Street residence, and she pretended not to see the SIM cards (over 126) and the N5 million phones used in escaping detection.

7. She admitted being told by Evans of his exploits at the last minute!
And instead of reporting to family and law enforcement agencies, she eloped by road to Ghana!

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