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More jubilation over Efe’s BBNaija victory

Nigerians have been reacting since Efe won Big Brother Naija on Sunday, April 9, 2017. Most of the trending reactions are in support of Efe’s victory, while a few are indifferent about it.

Here are some of comments by Nigerians.


Ife Adebayo

I am happy that Efe won. I learnt he won over 50% of the votes. I know a lot of people voted for him. He was real. He is not the proud type like Tboss.


Demola Aji

Efe was real. I don’t believe anybody would contest that. No wonder the guy won.


Timothy John

I am happy Efe won. All my friends canvassed for votes for him. Looking at it the other way round, he made more money for the organisers than he got.


Femi Bello

I don’t quite agree with the choice of the winner. We were pranked by the organisers, Tboss deserves the money.



I campaign aggressively for Efe to win and I was ready to go to any length if they gave it to another person. I was ready to stage a protest if he didn’t win. Anybody following the show will know that Efe tried. He was real from the beginning till the end. Thank God.



I say congratulations to Efe but how do we explain the gap between him and other housemates, it was too much.



Efe’s fans were vocal from the very beginning. They have been drumming support for him from all over, he was everybody’s favourite. I am happy he won.


Kingsley Obi

Efe is the man of the street. He represents the street. I am happy he won. He represents every day struggle, he deserves it.


Michael Adeagbo

The day he won was the happiest day of my life. My eyes are filled with tears. He deserves it, he was real and always straight forward. I love his manner of life.


Favour Onyeoziri

Based on logistics, Grace has done what beauty, strength, smartness couldn’t do.



Efe deserves it. Though Bisola also tried, it was obvious that Efe would win. A lot of people voted for him. People just love his personality and behaviour.



There was no Manipulation. The winner deserved the price. I am so happy Tboss didn’t win. She was too full of herself really.




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