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More knocks for planned increase in data cost

The planned increase in the cost of data, reportedly proposed to kick off on December 1, 2016, on the instructions of Nigeria Communications Commission to telecommunications companies, is rejected by Nigerians.
Legions are on social media protesting the planned hike.
Here are more views on the plan to triple the  cost of data…


Why u no kuku focus on Rice price increment only, anytime am hungry, na internet dey keep me busy and I no go feel ham, u come bounce on internet now, after dis now, u go dey charge person way get phone. #IRANU. #gerrout #Sufid fesident.



Spokespersons for buhari will rili find it hard to defend dis. A situation where virtually evrytin has bn taxed n followed wit dramatic price increase. One wonders whose interest dis current govt is protecting.

Imagine NCC (a regulator) ordering telcos to embark on such an increase. Pls wat stake does NCC have in dis sector or r they simply tryin to impress sai baba d junketeer on revenue generation or wat.

Wch kain useless govt be dis. Tot buhari said he z for d poor.



they don’t want us to keep criticising them on social media which is our only voice. they want to take our only “voice” away from us by making it unaffordable for us.



Useless nation



When i got the text from mtn, i was surprised !



Another NEGATIVE TESTIMONY of this evil administration.



No to Data cost increament



Sack ncc and minister of communications now

They are useless dimwits.



Government wants to steal from its citizens through hiking the price of data. Instead of subsidizing it. What a country!



This government is so wicked and anti people not minding the suffering they have already inflicted on the people since this administration resumed office. The masses should be getting set to flush out this government and his cronies in 2019.!!! angry shocked



Who said Buhari has no Brain, C’mon the guy has a working brain.

In my opinion, I think he is just bent on punishing Nigerians.

Or how can you explain the fact that he decided to let NCC hike the price knowing fully well that Nigerians only react online? Should this be successful , how else do you think Nigerian will react to all his mess??

A tactical action Indeed…



Bubu is trying to clamp down on wailers, but God pass am.

If data becomes unaffordable, we’ll resort to cheats. The networks will even back us indirectly, since they’re not happy with the hike in data price.

Our 5GB 70 naira per day go start again next week. Heard from a reliable source.



Ẹ no go better for who so ever behind this data hike of a thing.



The scary thing is that he still has over 2 years left. Naija has truly entered one chance. Yes, Pdp wounded this country by embezzling money with impunity but Apc are rubbing salt and pepper into the wound angry



when eva this cursed govt want to increase the price of commodities they would give an explanation dat only gullible minds would accept

first they increased fuel prices n said they r going to save money only for dem to ask for a loan of 30 billion dollars. where all the money wen dem save

next they increased tariff for electricity with the explanation that they want to improve power, power supply go worse there after

now they said they want to ensure a level playing field for smaller telecoms company. na wetin concern us. who dem help. if u want to go into a highly competitive business y not give ur consumers incentives to mak dem patronise you instead for making the populace pay dearly

every day I get to realise that the government is not the solution to the problem of this country, they are the problem.

once again, docile Nigerians, we would swallow this bitter pill complaining n nothing would happen, our complains would only end here



I still don’t understand why they would increase the cost of data join this recession period



How come the Minister made a statement implying that Social Media is a ‘Nightmare’ to PR managers (including himself) and then the NCC forces operators to increase tariffs?

Is this an attempt to reduce affordability and access to Social Media?

Is this not backdoor censorship?



Hehehehe! It’s obvious we are heading back into the Stone Age.. other countries are giving their citizens free wifi, these dullards in power are fooling themselves



Buhari took everything from us from gala to indomie to rice now our data? He is inhumane!



the reason for the hike is to curtail the number of criticism coming from Nigerians against the administration in the social media… more no less. Bubu we hail thee



I hate to admit but I have to. This current administration has lost it along side their fellow clueless lazy juggernauts called NCC. At first, the minister of communication and CBN governor supposed to be sacked immediately but unfortunately that cannot happen because we in live in a government system where the useless leaders see failure as success.

I mean, you took 10 steps and 100 steps backward, what kind of carelessness is this nau? Data being cheap is the only avenue students, unemployed and under employed graduates use for their various personal needs.




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