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More Nigerians hail Buhari for signing 2016 Budget

More Nigerians have started commending President Muhammadu Buhari for finally assenting to the 2016 Appropriation Bill, giving way for its full implementation.

Some Nigerians encomium.ng sought their views on this hailed Buhari’s stance on his earlier refusal to sign the budget following the controversial padding. They, however, expressed optimism that Nigeria’s economy will soon pick up and corruption will also be a thing of the past.


“I salute Buhari’s courage” -PETER IYASE

‘Before now, I was among those blaming Buhari for his refusal to sign the budget into law. But later, I now realized the reason for his stubbornness. Had it been he had signed it when the Senate returned the padded version to him, that would have definitely robbed the nation of billions of naira now and a lot of frivolous provisions would have been approved. Now, I can see the true meaning of democracy in place. Buhari has set a standard now, and the record will be there forever. I salute his courage for standing his ground till the correct thing was done by the Senate.”


‘We need to appreciate Buhari’-RILWAN LAWAL

“Although, belated, the truth has finally prevailed. What we’re left with now is full implementation of the budget. All Nigerians have been held down for long on this due to the controversies trailing the final approval of the budget. It’s now obvious that most of these so called senators are not patriotic. They’re only representing their individual interests. If not Buhari and his team, a lot of grey areas discovered couldn’t have been discovered.  We need to appreciate Buhari for that singular act. I strongly believe Nigeria is on the path of regaining its lost glory.”


‘I think Buhari mean well for Nigeria’-JOSHUA OLUSANYA

The signing of 2016 budget by Buhari after many heated debates and arguments should be seen as part of development in our democracy. Though, it’s late already, I still appreciate the fact that real issues were ironed out, and it’s all in the interest of the country and its people. I give it to Buhari. That’s one of the indices of the change we’re clamouring for. It may be painful now, we will surely reap the fruits of our labour. All we need is patience.”


‘I commend Buhari’ -OLAWALE AWONIYI

I really commend president Buhari for standing his ground, ensuring that only the correct budget was signed and not the padded one like we have had in the past. His stubbornness in making sure that the correct items of the budget were not distorted is highly commendable.

“Only God knows how many times Benin-Ore road has been captured in the previous budgets so also many of such projects. We all need to encourage Buhari by backing his anti-corruption crusade so that we can re-position the country as a whole. With this development now, the rest of this year will be better for all and sundry. I am very optimistic about that.”

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