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More Nigerians support Lagos State government’s plan to sack beggars from the state

The Lagos State government has ordered beggars to leave the metropolis in their own interest. Commissioner of Youth and Social Development, Mrs. Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf, said the government would take drastic action against those who do not leave on their own. She also said they have been campaigning against street begging on radio since January and it will run for three months, following which the state government will take more drastic measures against perpetrators because there is anti-begging law in the state. had a chat with some Nigerians concerning the plan to sack beggars from the state.



I don’t think the government is planning the right thing. Does he not know that any state that does not have beggars, prayers are not answered there? Giving is one of the things a true believer should do in order to move closer to his God, for his prayer to be answered. If he drives them out, he will only bring the wrath of God over the state. He should let them be, after all these people do not enjoy any benefit from the government.



I am fully in support of what Governor Ambode has planned to do. Some of these beggars disguise in order to kidnap innocent people. They should drive them out of Lagos State.



I don’t think it’s a good idea to drive beggars out of the street. The government can just look for a place instead, to keep them and whoever wants to give them something should go there. If they are driven out, most of them don’t have any source of income other than street begging or is it somebody that is blind, dumb, cripple or deaf that would work?

The government should just be considerate.



Is that the next thing to do? Why will the govt drive them out? Where does he want them to go? If he knows that they are littering the streets, he should find a place to keep them instead of driving them out. If he does that, he will only double the number of armed robbers in the state as some of them who are hale and hearty but have refused to work, will only turn themselves to robbers overnight.

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