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More shocking details of kidnappers den inside Lagos underground canal emerge

The people of Abule Egba, Agbado-Ijaye area of Lagos state on Tuesday, August 8, 2017, woke up to the shocking discovery of a kidnappers’ den at Obadeyi bus stop, along Lagos/ Abeokuta express road. The incident has since held the vast majority of those residing within the vicinity and beyond spell bound and in great fear.
According to eye witness accounts, the canal at the bus stop harbours the perpetrators of the evil act, and they have been living at an underground apartment close to the canal for about 11 years, abducting passersby late in the evening or very early in the morning until Tuesday morning when nemesis caught up with them after a failed attempt to kidnap a woman with her daughter. The woman, was told, raised the alarm which attracted a lot of residents and security operatives in the area to the dark spot.
One of the witnesses who pleaded anonymity narrated further, “We were at the bus stop, waiting yesterday when we noticed people gathering at the opposite side. Few of us who felt concerned about what’s happening moved to the spot and found out that a woman has been kidnapped. Before we knew, the crowd had built up. People started trooping in from no where. Later people suspected that there are people inside the canal. It took a lot of time for us to believe people can be living inside a tunnel like that. Nobody could enter the place. Even, the police were scared. But later, an Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) member volunteered to access the den. It was a surprise that the man brought out three suspects. And a woman was also rescued. The man made further attempt to search for more suspects and rescued more victims but his efforts met a brick wall as he was stabbed on his forehead. He was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. What happened to him confirmed the suspicion of the people at the scene of the incident that the kidnappers are still inside the canal.
“The angry mob defied police presence and set ablaze two of the suspects while three were whisked away by the police and one taken away by the men of the Nigerian Army who were also there on a rescue mission. Since Tuesday, the place has become a Mecca of sort as people keep trooping in to confirm the incredible story.”
Also, checks at the scene of the incident on Wednesday, August 9, 2017, revealed that the situation still remained the same as people have not stopped besieging the place from far and near.
However, the atmosphere appeared more turbulent and chaotic as the mammoth crowd almost exhausted their patience challenging the police to vacate the place if they can’t enter the canal and bring out the remaining criminals. This informed the reason the police almost clashed with the protesting residents and ‘area boys’ whose presence was also intimidating.
At around 9.30 am, a lady was almost lynched by the angry mob. The lady
pretended to be insane later claimed she’s a prostitute. She  was suspected to be an accomplice and was beaten blue and black before she was rescued by the police. Items recovered from her include three ATM cards, two phones, N1,000, fresh fish, a loaf of bread and others.
 Also, another man was manhandled by the angry mob who insisted he was only pretending to be mentally unstable. He was rescued and whisked away by men of Rapid Response Squad (RRS) around 10.20 am.
The building sitting on the cabal where the underground was allegedly constructed was almost damaged as the irate mob insisted on burning it as they believed the owners of a car mart, Carnival Motors, and Multicolour Interior Dezines outlet in the building must be aware of the existence of the ritualists’ den in the place.
The water tight security mounted in the area saved the property from being attacked by angry youth and some hoodlums that could have hijacked the situation.
However, even with the presence of the police from different formations, including the RRS, Anti kidnapping, Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), Metro Police, the mobile and regular, people refused to be chased away as they insisted on getting to the root of the matter.
One of the angry youths who spoke to under the condition of anonymity insisted that the kidnappers are still inside the tunnel on account of what a member of the suspected ritualists said before he was set ablaze on Tuesday, August 8, 2017.
“We won’t leave this place unless we see the end of this film. If the police like, let them shoot us. They can’t kill all of us. I don’t know why they are here when they can’t enter the canal and chase the kidnappers out. They are still there. One of them who was roasted here on Tuesday confessed that his members were inside the underground rooms. He even said there is a lot of money in foreign currency inside the tunnel. He said it’s a six bed room and they’re many there. The man that entered the place brought out many things, including a generator set, a Plasma TV and other items. The man that confessed also said something similar. He even confessed they have been operating since about 11 years ago. So, we must dig it deeper and expose those behind this ritual den.”
Meanwhile, the Lagos state  Commissioner of Police, CP Fatal Owoseni, has enjoined the public, especially the residents of the area to remain calm and resolute and not take laws into their hands as the mystery sorrounding the suspected kidnappers’ den will soon be unravelled.

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