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More support for Osinbajo on Magu’s tenure

Following the rift between the Presidency and the Senate, Osinbajo has declared that Ibrahim Magu will remain chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), all through President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure. 

This ensued when the Senate rejected the appointment of Magu as the acting chairman of EFCC.

Osinbajo’s stance on retaining Magu was essentially because he remained a nightmare to corrupt persons in the country. And he added that he has confidence in Magu to fight corruption to the bearest minimum.

The Senate, however, maintained that, it had made its points clear on Magu.

To this assertion, here are the strong views of some Nigerians on the statement. . . 



As far as the Acting President is concerned, I am of the view that he knows the best for the country, there is nothing like being partial on the lips of many people. He is acting according to the standard of the Federation.



I think the Acting President has gone too far, he is supposed to apologise to the Senate in the first instance. How could he have credited that executive appointments did not require legislative approval. The Senate has right in the matter. Osinbajo is just taking laws into his hands.



I am not saying the Senate is wrong but the fact remains that, we should always give honour to whom honour is due. People are blaming Osinbajo because they feel he wants to use his powers to retain Magu on that seat, but the fact remains that Magu has a mandate, only few people know about.



Osinbajo should not be blamed because he has concrete reasons Magu should be the acting chairman. The Senate should try and see reasons

with him and avoid all the nonchalant attitudes they are displaying.



I suggest that the Senate President should be the one to appoint who he wants to be the EFCC’s chairman and not Osinbajo. The whole system is just marginalized. I am tired of the government of this country, they are not in unity at all.



I think the fault is from President Buhari, should he be around all this would not have been going on. Maybe the Senate thought he is acting on his own accord without the president’s instructions, but the truth of the matter is that, Osinbajo is right to the best of my knowledge.



I will always say politics is a dirty game, the same fellows  who are under one umbrella are arguing over an issue that is clear. I think Osinbajo as being the Acting President is right because he has the general power over all the citizens including the Senate. They should just try and play along with him because he knows what he is up to.



I believe the power lies in the hands of the Presidency. This is not a big issue as the Senate wants to make out of it. The National Assembly and the Presidency should sit and revisit section 171 of the Constitution, because as it stands now, I don’t know the outcome of the battle between the both parties.



In an issue like this, we should not use force or power to intimidate people, the Acting President is using his office to act beyond his limit. It is uncalled for, how could he decide to do what is not in his jurisdiction, that’s illegal and should not be accepted by any parastatal? He should leave that area for the Senate to decide who the cap fits.



I think Acting President Osinbajo is on the right track, he wants the best for Nigeria. Magu is the best man for the position, he already has his blue print, as he promises to curb crimes in Nigeria.

Although he has not done much, we are expecting the best out of his system. He should not just be criticized yet, until we see what he is capable of doing. Senate should give him a better opportunity of allowing him in that position because Osinbajo being a learned man knows the best for our country.






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